Wreath Making Tutorial: How to Make a Wooden Wreath Form

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Wreath Making Tutorial: How to Make a Wooden Wreath Form

One of my favorite things about autumn is all of the festive wreaths that begin to pop up in neighborhoods. From Halloween, to harvest-themed, and into Christmas, wreaths and wreath making have always been a favorite way to get in the festive spirit.  To make almost any DIY wreath, you’ll need a wreath form. But instead of purchasing a pre-made form, for this project I show you how to make your very own wreath form.

To make this DIY wreath form, we are going to make two concentric circular cuts in a piece of wood using a Dremel tool and a Dremel circle cutter.

Let the wreath making commence!

Wreath Making Tutorial: Tools to make a DIY wooden wreath form

You’ll need the following supplies for this DIY wreath form:

Step 1

Begin by measuring the wood panel and marking five dots.

Your first dot, in the very center of the panel, will be for the Dremel circle cutter anchor. Then, you’ll mark four dots on the outsides of circles where your two cuts will go, just as a guide. I wanted my wreath form to be 12 inches in diameter, so I drew the dots 6 inches from the center dot.

Wreath Making Tutorial: Measuring guide holes

Step 2

Then use your Dremel tool with the standard blade attachment to make a hole in the center of the panel.

Wreath Making Tutorial: Mark where your dremel will begin cutting

Step 3

Follow the instructions provided with the Dremel tool to attach the circle cutter. Then, follow the steps to adjust the circle cutter so that it will make the proper-sized circles for your wreath. For my wreath form, that was 12 inches in diameter.

Wreath Making Tutorial: Attach circle cutter to tool and make cuts on the outside where the outside marks are

 Once your circle cutter is attached and adjusted, you can place the anchor into your center hole and slowly begin cutting a second hole to start cutting the outside of your circle.

Wreath Making Tutorial: Begin cutting with your Dremel tool

At a slow speed, begin rotating your Dremel tool to create an arc.

Wreath Making Tutorial: Begin cutting with your Dremel tool

Continue moving all the way around at a moderate pace until your first circle has been cut.

How to make a DIY wreath form

Step 4

Once you have your first circle completed, adjust your circle cutter measurements so that it will make a concentric circle on the inside. My second circle was 9 inches.

Using the same method as before, begin cutting your second circle.

Attach sanding blade to Dremel tool

Step 5

Once your circles have been cut and you have your form, attach the sanding attachment so that you can sand and polish off the cut edges.

Sand wooden wreath form until smooth

Step 6

Slowly move the sander around the edges of the form giving it a smooth finish.

Sand wooden wreath form until smooth

Now you’re all done.

These small wreath forms would be perfect for craft projects. Plus, you can adjust the size for whichever space you’d like!