Spellbinding Witch Mantel Decorations for Halloween

Jamison Rantz

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Spellbinding Witch Mantel Decorations for Halloween

These mantel decorations for Halloween have just the right balance of spookiness and fun.

Jamison Rantz, otherwise known as the Rogue Engineer, styled these mantel decorations for our Halloween Style Challenge. We got him started with some mystery boxes of Home Depot Halloween decorations. Jamison and his wife took it from there, adding string lights, tree branches, cob webs, and some very cleverly done DIY projects of their own.

Halloween Mantel Decorations

Decorating for Halloween is always fun when you have kids, but getting to decorate two months before Halloween was even better! Our kids loved watching us put together this spooky witch’s mantel as part of The Home Depot Halloween Style Challenge.

For this challenge we received boxes full of Halloween goodies from The Home Depot to help us get started. In addition to the box full of spider webs, we received two spider pumpkins, two lighted jack-o-lanterns, Halloween lights, stacked pumpkins, and one awesome jumping spider which was definitely a hit for my kids!

For this challenge we decided we wanted to decorate our mantel. The problem is we didn’t actually have a mantel on our fireplace. If you don’t have a fireplace mantel, you can’t have mantel decorations. So we decided to build one! You can get the free plans for this faux fireplace mantel on my blog. But now back to the decor!

DIY Potion Bottles

Spellbinding Witch Mantel Decorations for Halloween

My wife Jamie made these awesome potion bottles, which became the inspiration for our Halloween mantel. It’s almost hard to believe these potion bottles are made using recycled kitchen bottles!

After we added all our spider webs to the mantel it was then time to start adding the decor.

We used old books stacked to add height variation for the potion bottles, plus every witch needs books of spells lying around.

Spellbinding Witch Mantel Decorations for Halloween

Spellbinding Witch Mantel Decorations for Halloween

Spooky Tree Branches

We also added some height to the sides of the fireplace by using tree branches.

Yes, we took dead branches from the yard, spray painted them black, and stuck them in an old milk jug we had. We then added some birds to give these spooky trees a little something more.

Spellbinding Witch Mantel Decorations for Halloween

Spellbinding Witch Mantel Decorations for Halloween

String Lights in the Fireplace

Spellbinding Witch Mantel Decorations for Halloween

Since the fireplace isn’t in use, we added some Halloween lights to give the appearance of a dimly lit fire.

The orange lights in the fireplace gave it a spooky and realistic Halloween glow and really added to the Halloween mantel decorations.

Bats with Lighted Wings

Spellbinding Witch Mantel Decorations for Halloween

Another awesome DIY Halloween decor project we added to our witch’s mantel decorations was the lit bat wings.

Using some plywood scrap, metal flashing, spray paint, and battery operated LED lights we built these awesome bats! Be sure to check out the entire lit bat wing tutorial to make your own this Halloween!

We had so much fun with this Home Depot Halloween Style Challenge, and our kids have been digging the spooky witch’s mantel. Hopefully we inspired you and have a HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

Jamison Rantz is a husband and father of two. When he’s not designing planes as an aerospace engineer, he’s designing DIY furniture and publishing simple plans on his blog, Rogue Engineer.

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