Urban Backyard Decorating Ideas: Small Space With a Modern Aesthetic

Ashley Rose

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Urban Backyard Decorating Ideas: Small Space With a Modern Aesthetic

Not all backyards are made the same. For city dwellers living in apartments or condos, the outdoor space can be pretty small. Decorating a tiny patio space can be a bit of a challenge. So we turned to Ashley Rose, author of the Sugar & Cloth blog,  for her urban backyard decorating ideas.

It’s her contribution to our Patio Style Challenge series, in which we send talented design and DIY bloggers a patio set from The Home Depot, and let them work their decorative magic.

As you’ll see, Ashley made the most of every inch of her townhouse patio without making it cramped. We absolutely love the way she created a soothing modern look with with smooth grey stones contrasting plenty of leafy green plants. She also offers some very practical DIY solutions to some common challenges in small patio decorating.

Living in a townhouse in the middle of Houston, backyard space can leave a lot to be desired. I wanted to create a space that carried the modern, urban aesthetic to the outdoors so that it flowed seamlessly from the first floor. The Martha Stewart Living Franklin Park Dining Table (no longer available) was the perfect starting point. I loved the way the light blue, bistro-style bar chairs (also unavailable) brought a feminine touch and let that inspire me from there.

Urban Backyard Decorating Ideas: Small Space With a Modern Aesthetic

I’ll spare the lovely Home Depot Blog my awful before photos of my backyard (which you can see them here if you’d like), but I already had the cement squares down and some stone. It was quite the eyesore if I’m honest, but not a terrible starting point.

Instead of replacing all of rock and platform, I decided to update the old stone with a mix of more modern dark river pebble to compliment the industrial siding and cool grey pavers.

To tie in the bistro feel of the chairs and bring a touch of romance to the space for evening dinners and appetizers with friends, I hung four sets of string lights over the table setting as well.

Urban Backyard Decorating Ideas: Bistro-style table styling

Urban Backyard Decorating Ideas: Bright, natural colors for the outdoor dining table

Urban Backyard Decorating Ideas: Shower curtain liner stands in for outdoor curtain

To disguise the unappealing sliding doors that lead to the patio, I actually created a much less expensive DIY version of outdoor curtains by hanging two fabric shower liners as curtains and a simple pole rod. They stand up against the elements well because they’re made for contact with water, and you can still spray them down if they get a bit dirty. All in all they only cost about $25 to create, and have held up really well.

Urban Backyard Decorating Ideas: String lights, outdoor dining set and lots of greenery

Urban Backyard Decorating Ideas: Stair banister becomes a DIY succulent wall

I wanted to create an accent piece to fill up the awkward space near the water drain in the floor of my patio. Let’s be honest, water drains aren’t exactly the most fun to work around. When I was walking through the Home Depot aisles and stumbled upon the wooden stair banisters in the lumber section, I thought it would be a really simple and inexpensive way to recreate a pallet succulent wall, you can see the full DIY here!

This probably goes without saying, but I don’t have any intention of adding mowing my yard to my monthly to-do lists, so I made a sneaky DIY to create faux grass stepping stones to add a touch of green to the space that I couldn’t kill. It’s a sad truth, ha!

Urban Backyard Decorating Ideas: Dressed up air conditioning unit and garden hose

We also have a giant air conditioning unit and water hose hook up taking up a large amount of space in the corner of our tiny backyard. Seeing as those items play an important role with the Texas heat, I wanted to be sure to keep them clear from obstructions, but definitely wanted to dress them up a bit with a quick DIY.

To do so, I bought a ladder trellis and spray painted it light grey to coordinate with the color scheme. It helps blend that area into the space a bit better without cutting off any airflow to the air conditioning unit. I also housed the hose in a retractable storage unit to keep it organized and out of sight when not in use.

Urban Backyard Decorating Ideas: Ladder trellis dresses up air conditioning unit

Photos by Kimberly Chau Photography

Ashley Rose is a crafter and baker extraordinaire. She says her blog Sugar & Cloth is “a collection of DIY projects, vintage finds, designs, recipes, and all of the pretty things in between.” Check it out for lots of DIY projects, decorating ideas and delicious recipes.

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Style Challenge is a series of articles from guest contributors who aim to bring you fresh inspiration and ideas for your home and garden using a single Home Depot product as a starting point. Ashley received the patio set from The Home Depot and a gift card. The opinions and ideas Ashley expressed are her own.