Upcycled Dog Bed Nightstand


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Upcycled Dog Bed Nightstand

This dog bed nightstand is a fun DIY project that gives your canine pal a special place to sleep near his human. You can upcycle an existing nightstand, or start with a new, unfinished piece of furniture. We provided a place for Fido to sleep down below, and on top we’ll add a new stained top for the nightstand. It’s all painted in a bright, fun color, and we’ll some new cabinet hardware, too.

Just follow this step-by-step tutorial, and soon you’ll have your own dog bed nightstand.

DIY Dog Bed Nightstand


Materials for Upcycled Dog Bed Nightstand

Before You Begin

Upcycled Dog Bed Nightstand

If you don’t have a piece of furniture ready to upcycle, selecting the piece you re-finish can be just as much fun as the project itself! This dog bed nightstand is the right size for a smaller dog, such as a Corgi. For larger dogs, entertainment centers and dressers make a great option. The nightstand you see here came from a thrift shop, but you can use this same tutorial for unfinished dressers or other furniture pieces!

Step 1: Remove Nightstand Hardware  

Upcycled Dog Bed Nightstand

The first step to prepping your nightstand is to remove the current hardware. Use a Phillips screw driver to loosen the screws on the inside front panel of the drawer. Our nightstand also had a drawer that needed to be removed to make space for the dog bed.

Upcycled Dog Bed Nightstand

Step 2: Sand the Surface

Upcycled Dog Bed Nightstand

Use a low grit sand paper to rough up the surface of your nightstand.

Move the sand paper across the surface of the unit and the face of the drawer, while applying a medium pressure. Your intention here is not to remove all the paint or lacquer, but to provide a rough and even surface for your paint to adhere to.

Step 3: Patch and Re-drill

Apply a generous amount of wood filler to the old hardware mounting holes. Work the filler into the holes and wipe excess outwards.

Use a low grit sand paper to sand over the area until you have a uniform flat surface area

Upcycled Dog Bed Nightstand

Once you have completed patching, mark the holes for placement of your new hardware. You can use an Align Right Template for more accurate placement. Use a 5/32 drill bit, and predrill holes where you have marked for mounting your hardware.

Step 4: Paint the Nightstand

Upcycled Dog Bed Nightstand

Use a paint brush to apply an even coat of paint to the nightstand. You can use a foam roller for the larger surfaces, but a slanted short handle brush is good for getting the paint even across the entire unit.

Allow for the paint to fully dry before moving onto the next step.

Step 5: Stain the Hobby Board

The stained hobby board (oak plank board found in the lumber aisle) on the top the nightstand adds dimension, but doesn’t detract from the original beveled edge. We had the boards cut to the exact width of the nightstand (21 in.) to perfectly fit across the top. Dimensions for your nightstand may vary.

Tip: If you do not have a miter saw or table saw, your local Home Depot store can make the cuts for you. The Home Depot also has a tool rental service, which is a great way to try out tools at home before purchasing your own.

Upcycled Dog Bed Nightstand

You can use either a staining pad or your paint brush as an applicator for the stain.

When applying the stain, move in the direction of the wood grain. Allow the stain to penetrate the wood for desired finish. The longer you leave the stain on the wood the richer and darker the finish will be. Since the Dark Walnut is naturally a darker stain, we wiped off all excess after 4-5 minutes. For a deep and richer stain you can allow it to sit longer.

Step 6: Add the Top

Upcycled Dog Bed Nightstand

Start by laying out the hobby boards across the top of your nightstand. You can lay them out tightly lined up, or even add a little spacing in-between each board.

Once you have your boards laid out, apply a thin beading of wood glue along the bottom of the boards individually, and place them back in the desired location.

Upcycled Dog Bed Nightstand

Using a brad nail gun and ¾ in. brad nails, affix the boards to the top of the night stand. Start in the corner of the boards to keep the placement accurate and work your way into the center.

Tip:  Make sure that the nails you use are the appropriate depth for your boards and top depth of your dresser. You’ll want to be sure that the nails to not protrude through the nightstand.

Step 7: Add Hardware

Upcycled Dog Bed Nightstand

Your decorative hardware should come with installation screws. Use a Phillips screw driver to install your hardware.

Decorative hardware acts like an accessory statement to your final piece. Here you see the Elegant Square Pull in Polished Nickel for a classic contrast to a very bright and vibrant emerald green. The polished nickel finish is an upscale and very shiny finish that pairs well with many colors.

Step 8: Add the Dog Bed

Upcycled Dog Bed Nightstand

After completing the nightstand, add a dog bed to fit, then introduce your four-legged friend to her new sleeping spot next to your bed.

Upcycled Dog Bed Nightstand

Browse our selection of cabinet hardware from Liberty. The Home Depot also carries a wide selection of dog supplies. Follow our Easy DIY Projects board on Pinterest, for more DIY project ideas.