How to Transform A Back Patio With Paint and Repurposed Items

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Back patio transformation by Liz of Liz Marie Blog

In our Style Challenge series, we ask some of our favorite bloggers from around the web to surprise us with their ideas for creating a stylish and functional space using Home Depot products as a starting point.

Liz, the founder and creative force behind Liz Marie Blog, shows us how she completely transformed her back patio with patio furniture, a few thrift store finds, and a DIY table from repurposed items in her home. A new coat of paint on a large door made a big difference, too. As you’ll see, the results of this inexpensive project make for a stylish and welcoming space for Liz’s family and friends.

This patio makeover has been a long time coming. Thank you to Home Depot for motivating me to finally make this a pretty space for our home. Before, this was just a place to work on our DIY projects. It was almost embarrassing for anyone to see our backyard, so we never went back there when we had people over.

I really wanted to create a cozy place that was almost like another room in our home, but I wanted to do all of this without spending a whole lot of money. Not too much to ask, right? Well, not when you shop thrift stores, make DIY projects, and reuse items that you aren’t using anymore. That’s exactly what we did to create this outdoor patio space!

Image of back patio by Liz of Liz Marie Blog before transformation

I told you it was embarrassing! Now that you know why we hid this space from everyone we knew (yet, now I’m sharing it on the Internet. Makes sense, right?) I can share with you how we reached the final product. First things first, we cleaned the space, and utilized more of our garage for our DIY items. We painted the cement slab, painted the door, and set up our gazebo. From there, we started the fun part — styling this space.

Even though we have the gazebo, this space will still be out in all of the elements so I chose to use materials and items that would withstand the outdoors. We live in the South and get pretty wild weather sometimes, so the items can quickly be brought into our garage when needed.

All of the furniture, the rug, and the light fixture were thrifted items and saved us a lot of money. With a little paint and some TLC, they looked brand new. I then shopped our home for things I wasn’t using. We made the coffee table out of a metal tub and an old spool top.

And of course, we needed some greenery. I chose some grasses, succulents, Russian sage and ferns to really bring the space to life.

Image of white door near back patio by Liz of Liz Marie Blog before transformation

Liz Marie using Behr Marquee paint to update her back door

Liz Marie's back door with a fresh coat of Behr Marquee paint

Since the door was a huge part of the space, we wanted to give it a fresh coat of paint to really tie in the cozy, relaxed feeling of the space. We chose Stone Wash in the new Behr Marquee exterior paint. The color looks great against our olive siding, and it will be a nice touch for buyers when we put our house up for sale at the end of this year! I never knew doors were so easy to paint, and I love what a difference it made. No door is safe in our home now!

A side view of Liz Marie's patio after the transformation

We found the sofa at a local thrift store for a very good price. It was in great shape and just needed a fresh coat of black paint and some new fabric. I chose to simply cover the bottom cushions with a tablecloth I had lying around our house. That way it can be easily removed for washing. I opted not to use the back cushions and simply made burlap pillowcases for standard bed pillows for the back. After that, I threw some thrifted pillows and some pillows that I had lying around our house to finish off the sofa.

Liz Marie's outdoor sofa before back patio transformation

Liz Marie's outdoor sofa after her back patio transformation with new mat and pillows

The chairs were also a thrift store find and simply needed a fresh coat of spray paint to look brand new and clean again. With some accent pillows and new paint, these chairs look a whole lot better than $5 thrift store finds!

Image of a green metal chair before Liz Marie's back patio transformation

Image of metal chairs with a fresh coat of black paint in back patio area

I love that we can now use this space when we have friends over, and it almost makes our house feel bigger now that we have an extra room to be in. I can see lots of fun memories being made in this space, although I’m a little sad that it took us so long to work on our patio. I’m so happy that it’s done now, and we have a new place to hang out in and enjoy the beautiful North Carolina weather!

Liz Marie and friends enjoying her newly transformed outdoor space

Image of updated back patio and outdoor space by Liz of Liz Marie blog

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For her space, Liz included the following items:

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