DIY Tile Doormat Lays Style at Your Doorstep

Elisha Albretsen

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DIY Tile Doormat Lays Style at Your Doorstep

Elisha Albretsen of Pneumatic Addict has come up with a clever way to get the luxe look of patterned tile on your doorstep, without actually having to tile your front porch. It’s a ceramic tile doormat.

This is Elisha’s contribution to our DIY Challenge series here on The Home Depot Blog. We asked her to come up with a fun and easy DIY project with the only requirement that it make use of cement.

This tile doormat will dress up your front door very nicely. And, as Elisha points out, this DIY project is a great way to learn out how to lay tile without committing to a full tiling project.

Just follow Elisha’s step-by-step tutorial.

DIY Tile Doormat

If you follow home design blogs or read decorating magazines you know patterned tiles are everywhere! Concrete tiles and ceramic mosaic tiles are super trendy and seem to be popping up in everyone’s kitchen and bathrooms. I absolutely love the look, but I’ve laid tile before and know how difficult it can be to remove.

I wanted a way to incorporate the fun patterned tiles I’ve been coveting, without committing to a design trend that may be passé in a couple years. I came up with a DIY Concrete Tile Doormat, and I love how it turned out!Materials to make a DIY tile doormat



Step 1: Measure Your Tiles

DIY Tile Doormat: Measure your tiles

The first thing I did was to measure the tiles and determine what size to cut the cement board.

In addition to the tiles, I had to account for the grout lines between the tiles and around the perimeter.

I used six 7¾ in. ceramic tiles. Including the ¼ in. grout lines, the total dimensions were 24¼ in. x 16¼ in.

Step 2: Cut the Cement Board

DIY Tile Doormat: Cutting the cement board

I used an angle grinder with a masonry wheel to cut the cement board panel down to size. Another option is to use a straight edge and utility knife. Score the cement board with heavy pressure, and break over a straight edge surface like a workbench.

Step 3: Cut Pieces for the Wood Frame

I used the dimensions of my cement board panel to determine the length of my wood frame.

DIY Tile Doormat: Cutting pieces for the wood frame

I set the miter on my saw to 45 degrees and placed the stop trim vertically on the saw (1 in. length oriented vertically). I cut two pieces of trim at 16¼ in. (short end to short end) and two pieces at 24¼ in. (short end to short end).

Step 4: Attach the Wood Frame to the Cement Board

Liquid Nails Adhesive

To attach the frame to the cement board, I needed a strong construction adhesive.

DIY Tile Doormat: Attaching the frame to the cement board

I applied a thick bead of adhesive along the bottom edge of the short side of the trim pieces and on the faces of the mitered corners. I attached the frame to the board and made sure to align the corners.

DIY Tile Doormat: Clamps hold the frame as the adhesive dries

While the adhesive dried, I clamped the frame in place to ensure a tight fit. If you don’t have clamps, you could use tape or tie-down straps.

I allowed the frame to dry fully and removed the clamps.

Step 5: Paint the Frame

Next, I sprayed three coats of paint on the frame and let it dry overnight.

Step 6: Pour the Cement

DIY Tile Doormat: Pouring the concrete

I mixed the multi-purpose concrete according to the instructions on the box. The cement sets up very quickly, so I made sure to have all my materials close by. I spread an even coat of cement inside the frame, about ¼ in. thick.

Step 7: Place the Tiles in the Frame

DIY Tile Doormat: Placing the tiles into the frame

I quickly placed my tiles and tapped them in place. I used a scrap of ¼ in. plywood as a spacer, but ¼ in. tile spacers would ensure perfectly spaced grout lines.

Step 8: Grout the Tiles

DIY Tile Doormat: Grouting the tile

I let the concrete dry for several hours, then mixed up the grout. I went with the color “Natural Gray” which matched the light streaked in my tiles.

DIY Tile Doormat: Grouting the tile

I followed the instructions on the container, applying and wiping the grout residue.

The Completed Tile Doormat

DIY Tile Doormat Lays Style at Your Doorstep

The next day, the grout was dry and I placed my new tile doormat outside.

DIY Tile Doormat Lays Style at Your Doorstep

I got a dose of beautiful concrete tile in front of my house without having to spend thousands of dollars or commit to a trend.

Making this DIY tile doormat is an easy project you could make over the weekend. If you’re contemplating doing a big tile job, this would be a great project to practice on before making a big investment.

DIY Tile Doormat Lays Style at Your Doorstep

My new tile doormat is super durable and will withstand whatever Mother Nature (or my kids) can throw at it.

DIY Tile Doormat Lays Style at Your Doorstep

Elisha Albretsen writes about home improvement, decor, recipes and demystifying power tools on her blog Pneumatic Addict. She lives with her husband and twin boys in Queen Creek, Arizona.

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