Festive Thanksgiving Tablescape With Mums and Succulents

Festive Thanksgiving Tablescape With Mums and Succulents

Including succulents and mums to a Thanksgiving tablescape is a great way to add a lively, organic feel to the setting.

That’s one takeaway from this lush and lively tablescape from Sarah Stewart, who blogs at Life on Virginia Street. This is her contribution to our Halloween and Harvest Style Challenge series here on The Home Depot Blog. We sent Sarah some mystery boxes of Home Depot fall and harvest decor items, and let Sarah do the rest.

Take a look at this gorgeous Thanksgiving tablescape, and don’t miss Sarah’s easy-to-make “give thanks” cloth napkins.

Festive Thanksgiving Tablescape

Typically, the fall months in the Midwest are gorgeous. The humidity tends to dissipate and eating meals outside becomes an enjoyable activity. When my package for the challenge arrived, I was excited to see my assignment was a harvest dining table. I felt like the items included were all perfect to design a space for our covered patio dining set.

Home Depot Style Challenge packages arrive at Sarah' Stewart's door

In my surprise boxes from The Home Depot, I received a ceramic-looking turkey, some grapevine pumpkins with fall leaves, two pillows and a handful of other items. They were all a great foundation for the harvest theme and got my creative juice flowing.

I knew I wanted to add in a few other ‘fresh’ ingredients to the mix, so I headed to The Home Depot for succulents, kale (a favorite fall planter staple) and mums. I also selected some terra cotta pots in varying sizes, knowing they would be the perfect way to tie all of the fresh plants together.

Mums and succulents in a Home Depot shopping cart

From there, I began to assemble my Thanksgiving  tablescape with the items I was shipped and those I picked up.

I also included some simple custom napkins I made with a drop cloth and Sharpie.

Festive Thanksgiving Tablescape With Mums and Succulents

Festive Thanksgiving Tablescape With Mums and Succulents

‘Give Thanks’ Napkins DIY

Festive Thanksgiving Tablescape With Mums and Succulents

To make the ‘Give Thanks’ napkins, I picked up a drop cloth from The Home Depot. I used a cloth napkin I had on hand to use as a sizing template, and I simply cut the drop cloth to size for my six napkins. You could use a simple stitch around the edges to finish them, leave raw, or try an ironed hem.

From there, I simply free-handed the outline of the words with a Sharpie. I completed the entire saying in one pass and then gradually began to thicken the letters and add a few embellishments as I went along. Each napkin took me about five minutes to complete.

Homemade "give thanks" dinner napkins

They are by no means perfect, but I love how they look with the tablescape. The raw texture of the drop cloth mixed with the black script and the succulents is such a pretty combination!

Festive Thanksgiving Tablescape With Mums and Succulents

The turkey figure makes for the perfect centerpiece to this natural tablescape!

Festive Thanksgiving Tablescape With Mums and Succulents

I added the seasonal pillows to each of the head chairs and I love the color and pop of pattern they add to the overall look.

Festive Thanksgiving Tablescape With Mums and Succulents

A seasonal throw pillow on a chair at an outdoor dining table

The fresh elements are also such a beautiful inclusion to the space!

Decorative kale on a Thanksgiving tablescape

A succulent plant next to potted mums


I love the texture and the warm colors the pieces bring to this Thanksgiving tablescape. It really is the perfect combination to host a fall get together!

Grapevine "pumpkins"

Festive Thanksgiving Tablescape With Mums and Succulents

I had so much fun with this Halloween and Harvest Style Challenge, and thanks to The Home Depot for asking me to join in the fun! As the months turn cooler, I know our backyard dining room will be the perfect destination for hosting fall dinners!

Sarah Stewart is the author of Life on Virginia Street, where she shares things she loves: decorating, design, DIY projects, fabric, fashion, food, music, paint, photography and travel.

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