3 Craft Ideas for Your Thanksgiving Tablescape


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3 Craft Ideas for Your Thanksgiving Tablescape

While you entertain your guests for Thanksgiving or a fall dinner party, give them some stunning visuals to feast their eyes on at the table. This easy to create Thanksgiving tablescape is a great way for you to set the tone for the holiday, show off a little of your DIY know-how.

DIY Metallic Pumpkins

Metallic Pumpkin Project for Your Thanksgiving Tablescape

Pumpkins are the perfect autumnal piece, and although they typically get passed up for the turkey, they are a great differentiator for your Thanksgiving tablescape. You can create your own three-dimensional pumpkin as a stand-out festive table décor piece by using M-D Aluminum Sheets and a Liberty Hardware 1-1/2 in. Antique Teal French Romantic Knob.

Metallic Pumpkin Made from Metal Sheet for a Thanksgiving Tablescape

To create these beauties, start by using MD Hobby Shears to cut your metal sheeting into strips. You can use either hobby wire or hot glue to secure these strips together in the shape of a pumpkin. Finally, using the same methods, secure your antique teal knob at the top of your pumpkin for a striking stem.

We recommend using a few sheets with strips at different widths to create small, medium and large pumpkins. You can group them together or spread them across your table for a more casual look. Creating your own table décor pieces allows you to play with different colors and shapes that you wouldn’t find at your local stores. The Home Depot has metal sheet in a variety of designs and finishes, so you can mix and match your metallic pieces for something uniquely you!

3 Craft Ideas for Your Thanksgiving Tablescape

These metallic pumpkins are so versatile that you don’t have to limit them to only a tablescape. You can use them near your entryway, or even outside on your stoop for something new and unique to celebrate fall. If you’re looking for more direction on how to work with decorative metal sheet for craft projects, take a look at our step-by-step tutorial of how to cut and assemble DIY candle holders.

Metallic Pumpkin Made from Decorative Metal Sheeting

DIY Napkin Rings

Napkin Ring Made from Decorative Metal Sheeting

Keep your napkins looking stylish and chic with these simple and easy to make napkin rings! These bold metallic rings really give your table a bold and elegant look.

For our metal sheet napkin rings, we wanted to offset both the color and the finish of the pumpkins, while also contrasting them in a fun and festive way. We chose to use the M-D Cloverleaf pattern in an antiqued brass, since it fit well with the overall color scheme of the table and provided a point of differentiation in the pattern.

When you’re creating your tablescape, go bold on your finish and material mixture. The versatility of this sheeting will actually allow you to spray paint right over it if you want a unique color.

3 Craft Ideas for Your Thanksgiving Tablescape

Start by marking and measuring your aluminum sheeting and cutting them into strips. If you’ve chosen a patterned aluminum sheet, then work around the fine perforated details of the metal to really give it some pizzazz. The strips you cut won’t need to be large. In fact, you can actually create more than one napkin with a single strip.

Wrap your napkin ring around the rolled silverware and, similarly to the pumpkins, you can use a hobby wire to secure these together. Be sure to keep them a little loose to allow your guests to remove them with ease.

Metallic Napkin Ring Project for a Thanksgiving Tablescape

Place Card Holders

Place Card Holder Made from a Decorative Cabinet Knob

Have you ever been a guest at someone’s house for dinner and weren’t sure where to sit? Avoid this awkward party faux pas and provide your guests with their own place cards for their convenience. These personalized touches are easy to make and give your guests the feeling of being considered throughout all aspects of your event – even your décor!

Thanksgiving Tablescape with Name Plates

The first step to making the place card holders is to pick your cabinet knob for the base. We chose the Liberty Hardware 1¼ in. Amber Acrylic Ridge Knob and the Liberty Hardware 1½ in. Cocoa Traditional Style Wood Knob. We chose these knobs for their mix of style and material with warm, textured glass and classic turned wood to fit into our color spectrum. However, the sky is the limit when choosing your own knobs.

With the wide variety of cabinet knobs available, you can custom tailor the base to your exact theme and style. If you’re looking for more direction on different styles and materials of knobs, check out more options in our decorative bottle stopper project.

Closeup Thanksgiving Tablescape

After you’ve picked a base to fit your theme, you’ll need to wrap craft wire around the base of the knob and attach a clothes pin to it for the name card. The place card can be paper, found objects, or anything that a clothes pin can easily slide through. The great part is, with a more versatile base you can mix and match place cards for future events!

After you’ve created the unique decorative elements for your Thanksgiving tablescape, all that’s left is table dressings, serve ware, and glassware.

Oh, and don’t forget the food!

Completed Thanksgiving Tablescape

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