Sunroom Ideas for an Indoor Patio

Shannon Smith

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Sunroom Ideas for an Outdoor Patio Indoors

When you don’t actually have an outdoor space, “patio ideas” become “sunroom ideas.” That’s what you have with the cool sunroom styled by Shannon Smith of Burlap and Lace. She brought a cozy outdoor space inside with bright sitting room in her urban apartment.

She shares her sunroom ideas here as part of the Patio Style Challenge series here on The Home Depot. This is the first indoor patio we’ve featured, as a matter of fact. We sent her an outdoor furniture set of her choice– she naturally chose one that looks terrific indoors, too. Shannon did the rest of the styling magic.

Shannon’s sunroom ideas will provide inspiration for your small space whether it’s indoors or out.

Sunroom Makeover

When I moved from a large three-bedroom house to a one bedroom apartment in the city, I never thought that I would miss outdoor space (my own backyard!) so much.

My husband and I were lucky enough to find an apartment in a pre-war building that had a sunroom, a small 8 x 8 room that used to serve as the “sleeping porch” in the 1930s and 40s. The room was serving as a makeshift office for me, but had really become just a catch-all for things we had lying around. The sunroom had such great light and view, however, that I really wanted to create our own urban oasis! So when I was contacted by The Home Depot to create my own patio space, I jumped at the chance.

The Sunroom Before the Makeover

I’m an interior decorator by trade, and I was so excited at the thought of tackling this (very small) sunroom. I knew that I could add color, texture, and a few pretty plants to make this space cozy and chic. Below, you see what the room looked like when we first moved in to the apartment.

Urban apartment sunroom before a makeover Small urban apartment sunroom before a makeover

Black Painted Wall

The room was small but bright, with five large windows facing the sun. But, there is one thing you should know about me: I am a big giant sucker for black walls. These walls weren’t particularly pretty… no one likes cinder block! But I decided to embrace it and paint the back wall black.

Small sunroom with painted black wall

Globe Light Fixture

Quick tip for all of you renters out there: Switch out your lighting! It makes a huge impact and is a quick and easy fix for boring lighting. Just make sure to keep the original fixtures to switch back before you move out! I had been saving a vintage globe light to use in this space, and I thought it mimicked the moon– perfect for an “outdoor space” sunroom.

A vintage globe light fixture in a small apartment sunroom

The Spring Haven Grey Collection Patio Set

The Spring Haven Grey Collection was the perfect choice for this space. The gray-washed outdoor set works perfectly in a black and white setting, and looks great with pops of color! I was also able to choose just the right pieces of the collection to include. I got this awesome loveseat, chair, and coffee table.

The Spring Haven Grey Collection Patio Set in a small urban apartment sunroom Sunroom Ideas for a Patio Indoors Sunroom Ideas for an Patio Indoors Sunroom Ideas for an Patio Indoors

And here’s a look at the final space!

Sunroom Ideas for an Patio Indoors

More Decor Items

One of my favorite things to add to patio or sunroom spaces is colorful plants. They’re the perfect accessory, and really helped to bring the outdoors in to this space! These beautiful succulents and orchids make an easy, low-maintenance addition to any room.

Succulents in a vintage planter Orchids in a small sunroom Cactus in a small sunroom Snake Plant in a small sunroom

I couldn’t resist adding this great snake plant in the corner. It adds some height to the room and looks perfect in this woven pot.

Sunroom Ideas for a Patio Indoors - The Home Depot

The navy lattice rug by Hampton Bay was the perfect rug to ground the space. I really believe that you can successfully combine blue and black in a space, and this is a perfect example of that! The texture and pattern adds the perfect touch to this small space.

Original art hanging in a small urban apartment Sunroom Ideas for a Patio Indoors - The Home Depot Sunroom Ideas for a Patio Indoors - The Home Depot

I added bright hues of pink, coral, green, yellow, and navy to complete the look. I used a large abstract painting that I painted to set off the black wall, and used that as my jumping off point. The banana leaf print pillow is also a classic sunroom fabric that brings a little of the outdoors in.

Sunroom Ideas for a Patio Indoors - The Home Depot

I had so much fun putting together this space! It’s so nice to have a little oasis where I can sit with friends and drink a glass of wine in the evening. In fact, it’s about that time, wouldn’t you say? ;)

Shannon Smith is an interior decorator and design blogger behind the blog Burlap and Lace. Her blog focuses on Interior Design and DIY, with a dash of fashion and travel mixed in. She currently resides in Washington D.C. with her husband, two cats, and fluffy dog, Max.

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