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We were ecstatic when Liz and Doug of Hoosier Homemade agreed to share this succulent garden how-to guide with us. In their blog, they share everything from fun and practical DIY projects to cupcakes. And by cupcakes, we mean amazing, out-of-this-world cupcakes. This succulent garden is the kind of project we cover in our monthly free Do-It-Herself Workshops at The Home Depot. 

Creating a succulent garden is one of the easiest do-it-herself projects for the home. Succulents are some of the most beautiful plants that you can use to create an indoor or outdoor planter. Spend a relaxing afternoon creating your own succulent garden.

Let us show you how easy they are to put together.

Succulent Garden Collage

  Succulents are a diverse category of plants. There are over 20,000 varieties throughout the world. Cacti, aloes and Agave make up the most of them.

Succulent Garden Container On Bamboo Mat

  Planting your garden takes just a few minutes, but the enjoyment lasts a long time.  Materials Needed

Succulent Garden - Plants

The first step is to select your plants. The Home Depot has a large variety of succulents to choose from, ranging in size and price to fit everybody’s needs. With so many unique varieties to choose from, it’s nearly impossible to go overboard on a project like this.

Succulent Garden - Step 1, add stones

Then you will need a container. You can plant succulents in just about any container and since they don’t need much soil you can get really creative. We chose to make our own, on the bottom is a clay pot that we painted with Maui Blue Rust-Oleum paint and filled with pea gravel for drainage. Succulents like to have their feet dry, so making sure that your container has adequate drainage will ensure your plants will thrive.

Succulent Garden.Bowl.Step 2

As we mentioned above, these plants are shallow rooted so the depth of the container you’re using isn’t a major concern. We found this glass light cover in the lighting department and loved the subtle design in the frosting of the glass. And the hole in the center works perfectly for drainage.

Succulent Garden.Bowl. Step 3

Place the light cover on top of the clay pot and you have your own unique container.

Succulent Garden - Step4: add cactus palm & citrus soil

  Next you will need to fill the container about half way with the Miracle-Gro Cactus, Palm and Citrus Soil. This soil is very light and fluffy so be sure to pat it with your hands to firm it up.

Succulent Garden - Step 5: Water the soil

  Next you’ll need to water down the soil to make sure it settles well.

Succulent Garden - Step 6: Plant

Then set your plants into the container. When you do this, loosen up the root ball a little with your fingers. This will encourage the plant to grow new roots and get established quicker. Next fill in around the plants with enough soil to cover the base of the plant. Allow enough space along the edge of the container for watering and the gravel. Then water in your plants well.

Succulent Garden - complete

After the water has drained, it’s time to add the pea gravel or you could use decorative glass if you like. We loved how easy it was to put this together in just an afternoon and if we get tired of the color on the clay pot it comes apart so easy we can change it up any time we get the urge.  

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