Stylish DIY Wall Mail Organizer For Your Entryway


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Stylish DIY Wall Mail Organizer For Your Entryway

This sleek wall mail organizer and key organizer looks awesome and it’s great for keeping your entryway tidy. All you need for this DIY project is some wood and a few pieces of cabinet hardware. We used a lighter wood and sleek stainless steel cabinet pulls to create a simple modern look. But choose a different wood and different drawer pulls, say, in bronze or brass to match your decor.

Just follow our step-by-step instructions to make your own DIY wall mail organizer and key holder.

Wall Mail Organizer and Key Holder Tutorial 

Supplies for DIY Wall Mail Organizer Project



Step 1 – Stain the Wood

Prop both your poplar boards on pieces scrap wood so they’re not touching your work surface.

Apply a thin layer of wood stain across the back and sides, applying it in long, even strokes. Wear protective gloves to keep your hands clean.

After about five minutes, use a rag to wipe off any excess stain from the surface. Once the stain is dry, turn your boards over and apply stain to the other sides.

Staining the wood for a DIY wall mail organizer project

Wiping the wood stain from a DIY wall mail organizer project

Step 2 – Paint an Accent Stripe

With the stain fully dried, add a painted accent stripe to the front edge of the thinner board, which will become your shelf.

Starting with primer, roll a light coat on using a small foam roller (be careful not to press too hard).

Once the primer dries, follow that with a coat of Behr Ultra Pure White paint. We used semi-gloss sheen in our project to contrast with the wood tone.

Painting an accent stripe on a DIY wall mail organizer project

Step 3 – Determine Placement for the Cabinet Hardware

While the shelf board dries, start planning the placement of your knobs and pulls on the wider board. Be sure not to place the pulls too low, or mail may tip out over the top.

Once you’ve decided on your desired layout, mark it lightly with a pencil, then double-check your spacing and make sure everything is level with a ruler or yardstick and a level.

Determining the placement of cabinet hardware in a DIY wall mail organizer project 

Step 4 – Drill Holes for the Cabinet Hardware

Use your driver to drill holes through your pencil marks.

You may want to begin with a small drill bit to start your holes in a precise spot, but be sure to finish with a 3/16-in. drill bit so the screws provided with the hardware will slide through.

Drilling holes for a wall mail organizer project

Step 5 – Attach the Shelf to the Back of the Mail Organizer

Flip your back board over and place the shelf board along its bottom edge. You can use scrap pieces of 1 x 3 in. board to help prop up the back board as you work, positioning the shelf ledge at a right angle.

Drill four pilot holes through the back board into the edge of the shelf board, being careful to not drill at an angle.

Secure the boards firmly with 2 in. wood screws.

Attaching the shelf to the back of a wall mail organizer project 

Step 6 – Attach the Cabinet Hardware

With your shelf attached, add your pulls and knobs as planned by tightening the provided screws through the holes you drilled, and into the hardware.

Attaching the cabinet hardware to a DIY mail organizer project

Step 7 – Attach the D-rings

Screw two D-rings into the back side of the larger board, about 1 in. below the top edge and 1 in. in from each side.

Now all that’s left is to add two screws to the wall near your doorway, placed 19 inches apart so that your D-rings can slide right over them.

Attaching D-rings to the back of a wall mail organizer

Learn to make this stylish wall mail organizer and key holder

You should end up with a stylish wall mail organizer to keep track of keys and hold mail. And because there are two mail slots you can even designate outgoing vs. incoming mail, bills yet to be paid, or magazines waiting to be read.

You can customize your own version of the mail organizer with more mail zones, extra key hooks, or even your own combination of stain or paint!

See the tutorial for this stylish wall mail organizer and key holder