Star Wars Themed Christmas Tree: DIY Ideas from 7th House on the Left

A Star Wars-inspired Christmas tree by Ashley and Greg Brown of 7th House on the Left | For The Home Depot Style Challenge

In our Style Challenge series, we ask some of our favorite bloggers from around the web to surprise us with their ideas for creating a stylish and functional space using Home Depot products as a starting point.

We were anxious to see what Ashley and Greg Brown would come up with when we sent them a big box of Home Depot Christmas decorations for our Holiday Style Challenge. On their blog, 7th House on the Left, Ashley and Greg write about renovating and decorating their home. But for us, they show us their geek sides by creating a Star Wars-themed Christmas tree. Greg explains how they came up with the Star Wars theme. And check out their clever ideas on how to give ordinary Christmas ornaments a Star Wars treatment.

Everyone who knows me knows I’m what you might call a “professional geek.” I’m a web developer, Doctor Who and Star Wars are at the very top of my “favorite franchises” list, and one of my favorite pastimes is tweaking my computer. So when Home Depot sent us this bonus item in our “Mystery Box,” we knew right where it needed to be … my office.

A light-up Yoda wearing a Santa hat

Ash and I thought it would be fun to embrace the awesomeness of Yoda and put together a Star Wars Christmas tree. We started out by purchasing a 5-foot pre-lit tree from Home Depot. By the way, whoever came up with the idea of pre-lit trees is a genius. An absolute genius.

R2D2 Christmas lights on a Christmas tree

Even though the tree came with lights, we found these really cool mini R2D2 lights on I’m a big fan of R2 (he’s a no-nonsense kind of droid, and I respect that), so they had to go on my Star Wars tree. With little R2D2s all over the tree, it was still missing some classic Christmas, so we decided to keep keep it simple with the ornaments. I mentioned to Ashley that Star Wars isn’t really “shiny” like normal Christmas ornaments.

Ornaments with oil-rubbed bronze paint

Knowing how seriously I take my sci-fi, Ashley came up with a great idea! She took a set of gold ornament balls and spritzed on a tiny bit of Rust-Oleum’s oil-rubbed bronze spray paint, then rubbed the paint all over the ornament using her hands (yes, it was messy!). Each ornament took under a minute to finish and they dried really fast. I think they turned out great! It doesn’t hurt that they look a little bit like the thermal detonator from the first Jabba the Hutt scene in Return of the Jedi. I told you I take this stuff seriously, haha!

Light saber Christmas tree ornaments

Now, we needed some color. When you think Star Wars and color … what comes to mind? Light Sabers! Ash picked up a bunch of light saber cupcake toppers from a local party store. I cut off the bottom part of the cupcake toppers (the part that sticks in the cupcake) using a pair of side cutters. Then I used attached them to some wire ornament hangers. A few minutes later, we had a full set of mini Light Saber ornaments. These little pops of color really help bring home the whole Star Wars theme and look really in front of the lights.

Christmas tree topper for a Star Wars-themed tree | For The Home Depot Style Challenge and Ashley and Greg Brown of 7th House on the Left

Every tree needs a tree topper. Without going “too themey” but still keeping with the sci-fi look, we took the tree topper from the ornaments we received in our “mystery box” for our main outdoor project and spray painted it using oil-rubbed bronze spray paint. I was tempted to “rough it up” by distressing it a bit, but I didn’t want to take away from the awesome ornaments Ash did. So, I decided to let it be — and I actually really like the look!

A Star Wars-themed Christmas tree | For The Home Depot Style Challenge and Ashley and Greg Brown of 7th House on the Left

We finished off our Star Wars tree by making a tree skirt using some natural burlap fabric (found over in the Home Depot garden section). We decided to use burlap because it looked natural and rustic but when we put it around the tree, we noticed it looked a lot like Yoda’s robe. Coincidence I think not ;)

I really like the fact that it’s equally classic Christmas and Star Wars. The classic star and ornaments are great, but the finishes really scream sci-fi.

A Star Wars-themed Christmas tree | For The Home Depot Style Challenge and Ashley and Greg Brown of 7th House on the Left

I’m hoping that we can get some high-quality, unique Star Wars character ornaments in the near future. It would really bring the whole thing together. In the meantime, Yoda is doing a really good job of bringing home the vibe force.

A Star Wars-themed Christmas tree | For The Home Depot Style Challenge and Ashley and Greg Brown of 7th House on the Left

Overall, I’m really excited about how the tree turned out, and it will be a lot of fun to tweak and add to over the next few years. Have yourself a merry little Yoda Christmas, everyone!

Read more from Ashley and Greg Brown on their blog 7th House on the Left. They offer up terrific advice and projects guides as they renovate and decorate their 1970s brick ranch house in Hannover, Virginia. Be sure to check out their amazing retro TV outdoor Christmas display the also did for the Holiday Style Challenge. Thanks for sharing your ideas for decorating a Star Wars-themed Christmas tree, Greg and Ashley!

Here are some of the Home Depot items Ashley and Greg used in this Star Wars themed Christmas tree:

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Style Challenge is a series of posts from guest contributors who aim to bring you fresh inspiration and ideas for your home and garden using a single Home Depot product as a starting point. Ashley and Greg received a selection of Christmas decorations from The Home Depot, but The Home Depot provided no other compensation. The opinions and ideas Ashley and Greg expressed are their own.