Spring Garden Project: Mailbox Garden and Makeover

Laura Sullivan

Article Posted By: Laura Sullivan

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Mailbox with bright flowers

Curb appeal doesn’t start with a brightly painted front door or perfectly trimmed hedges. The first impression of your home’s personality is the often-overlooked mailbox. Giving yours this cheerful makeover will set you back less than $50, but will make a big first impression. In addition to planting a ring of flowers, we upgraded the actual mailbox and numbers, spray painting them to correspond with the fresh array of spring colors on display. You may find your letter carrier lingering as he delivers the bills and bank statements.

Check out the Mailbox Garden discussion on our forums, then print out this Garden Club Project Card to take with you to your local Home Depot store.

Products needed for mailbox garden

Here’s what you’ll need:

Plants of various heights and colors

A shovel

Garden soil

Mulch or edging (optional)

All-purpose plant food


House numbers

Spray paint




Drop cloth or newspaper for painting

Add color with plants

1. Pick out the perfect plants.

Your mailbox will likely be a location that gets full sun, so head to that section of the Garden Center or check in with a Home Depot certified nursery consultant.

Colorful Flowers

2. Prep the site.

Dig out existing turf and break up the soil to allow for new plantings.You can till the removed turf into the soil or place it grass-side down to provide natural compost.

Dirt and a shovel

3. Plant the bed.

Place the tallest plants or shrubs in the center of your bed and surround with shorter plants of varying color and texture. Consult the plant tag to determine how to space the plants.

Planting flowers around the mailbox

4. Add soil and edging.

After planting, add a layer of garden soil to promote root growth. Add contrast and protect your plants from weeds by surrounding the bed with edging, such as marble chips or color-enhanced mulch.

Soil and flowers around a mailbox

Swap out the digits

1. Get yourself some new house numbers.

We liked a simple, modern design that was slightly oversized for visual impact.

chrome, modern mailbox numbers

2. Spray paint new house numbers and allow to them dry completely.

This bright yellow suited the mood.

Yellow house numbers

3. Remove the old numbers and attach the new ones.

Follow the package instructions.

screwdriver removing old numbers

Upgrade your mailbox

 1. Prime the mailbox, then lightly sand it.

Rust-Oleum Primer Spray

2. Spray paint a mailbox body and allow to dry completely.

Mailbox with bronze spray paint

3. Remove the old box and replace it with the new, according to instructions.

Taking off a mailbox

mailbox with new numbers and flowers

Ta-da! You have a welcoming mailbox and enough curb appeal to make a real estate agent swoon.