Spring Cleaning Tips: The 6 Spots You Might Be Missing

Article Posted By: Home Depot Staff

There’s something about emerging from winter hibernation that flips the Spring Cleaning switch in a lot of us. There’s almost a genetic desire to air out, wipe, scrub and scrape everything in sight. But we all miss something in this annual spring cleaning exercise. That’s why we came up with spring cleaning tips focused on the spots–unseen, or just maybe not so obvious–that you might be missing.

Let’s start at the top, and work our way down.

1. Top of the ceiling fan blades

It’s probably a good thing that you can’t see the top of your ceiling fan blades. But you know what’s up there, don’t you? And though the gunk on your fan blades is out of sight, all that dust and dirt is being flung around the room every time you turn the fan on.

We used a Swiffer duster with an extendable handle to clean the fan blades in the photo below. But get up to the fan blades any way you can. You’ll be glad you did. And if the blades are, like, seriously gunky, use a pillow case sprayed with cleaning liquid.

Spring Cleaning Tips: The 6 Spots You Might Be Missing

2. Tops of picture frames

Here’s another out-of-sight, out-of-mind situation. But it’s highly likely the tops of the picture frames in your home are at least a little gunky. Maybe a lot gunky.

The good news is that cleaning the frames is pretty easy. Dampen a sponge or cleaning cloth with something along the lines of Clorox Clean Up Spray, and run the sponge along the top. Get on a step ladder if you want to make absolute certain you got every bit of dust off the frame, but we happen to know personally some folks who just take it for granted that a couple of good wipes is enough. And you know what? It probably is.

Spring Cleaning Tips: The 6 Spots You Might Be Missing

3. The showerhead

Cleaning the bath tub or shower is pretty natural. But don’t forget the showerhead.

It is a bit of an extra effort to clean, but practically every showerhead will build up with minerals in the water. It not only looks less than sparkling, it can actually affect how your shower works. A thorough sponging with a good bathroom cleaner or ordinary white vinegar a few times a year is worth the effort.

Spring Cleaning Tips: The 6 Spots You Might Be Missing

4. The bathroom faucets

Bathroom faucets can be challenging because they tend to collect water spots. A quick wipe with a just a bit of warm water and a bit of soap gets rid of the spots, and then buffing with a dry towel will help to keep the spots away for at least a while.

But every so often, go ahead and give the faucets an extra good cleaning with a bathroom cleaner. And buff them, too.

Spring Cleaning Tips: The 6 Spots You Might Be Missing

5. Between the balusters on the stairs

Here, we’re talking about hardwood stairs. Spring cleaning time is the time to give the stairs a good, thorough cleaning, just as you give your hardwood floors a good wash. But for heaven’s sake, don’t forget the little spaces between the balusters.

Our advice is to use a spray bottle with some diluted vinegar or some diluted floor cleaner. Spray the mix into to the space, let it sit for a moment, then use a small scrubby sponge on the spot. If you have built up grime deep in the corners, it’s time to pull out a toothbrush to give the crevices a good scrub.

Spring Cleaning Tips: The 6 Spots You Might Be Missing

6. Under the rug

Yes. We’re going there.

Sweeping dirt under the rug is an old cliché. But seriously, there is dirt under your rugs, whether or not you actually swept it there.

If you can roll up the rug and take it outside, do it. Hang it on a clothesline and let the kids beat it with an old tennis racket. While they’re having fun with that, it’s your chance to sweep up all the dust that’s managed to make it to the floor between the weave of the rug. If the rug’s too big to remove completely, do it in sections. Roll up the rug as much as you can in one section, do the cleaning, and then move on to another section of the rug.

Spring Cleaning Tips: The 6 Spots You Might Be Missing

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