Small Patio Decorating Ideas: Making the Most of Your Small Space

Chelsea Coulston

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The best small patio decorating ideas manage to strike a balance between having enough seating and having enough open space. Chelsea Coulston of  Making Home Base strikes that balance perfectly on her small patio.

This is her addition to our ongoing Patio Style Challenge series here on The Home Depot Blog. We sent her a patio furniture set to get her started, and she did the rest decorating her small outdoor space.

She created a lovely, intimate space that feels secluded, but is still open and airy, and full of beautiful floral color. Check it out for some small patio ideas for your own space.

Small Patio Decorating Ideas

Being a serial renter, somehow the backyard and porch often get neglected. It’s always the last task on a long list of to do’s when it comes to sprucing up a new space. Sometimes, we never even get there. That was almost the case with this house. When The Home Depot asked me to participate in the Patio Style Challenge, I was so beyond thrilled. I totally squealed… not only because it’s an exciting opportunity, but it also gave me the push I needed to finally do something with our bland back patio.

Small Patio Decorating Ideas: Making the Most of Your Small Space

One challenge with our space was I always felt it was too small. I struggled with what I might do out here because the space is definitely too small for a traditional patio-tables-with-chairs set up, but it’s also large enough that a bistro set would get swallowed up in the space.

Brown Jordan Motion Lounge Chairs on a small patio

The Brown Jordan Motion Lounge Chairs ended up being a great fit for our small patio. The two chairs and side table are perfect because they don’t take the small space over, but they do allow for a nice relaxing feel in this space.

Colorful throw pillows on a Brown Jordan outdoor chair

Outdoor chairs with a modern and sleek look and stunning details

The chairs have a modern and sleek look with really stunning details like the gold accents and woven seat backs.

Colorful throw pillows on a modern style outdoor lounge chair

For some added color, I tossed in a couple of colorful throw pillows. The navy coordinates nicely with the rug and the floral one works well to tie in the different colors of the flowers and greenery.

A navy lattice outdoor rug in a small patio space

I knew right away I would need a great outdoor rug to really define the space while also covering up the cold concrete. I chose this navy lattice outdoor rug.

A contrast between brightly colored flowers and dark navy and warm cream colors of an outdoor rug

What I especially love about the rug is the fun contrast between the brightly colored flowers and the dark navy and warm cream colors.

Accessorizing a new and improved small patio with colorful throw pillows

Accessorizing the new and improved patio was my favorite part. I love the springtime and I really wanted to create a true outdoor oasis for us. A place where I could enjoy the morning air before starting the day or a place to sit and read. For me, that means I needed tons of flowers and greenery.

Concrete pillar stand with a potted geranium on top

I filled large pots with a variety of flowers and plants making sure that each could handle full sun.

Hot pink geranium adds a burst of color to a small patio

My favorite is the hot pink geranium. When these bloom, they just explode with color!

Small Patio Decorating Ideas: Making the Most of Your Small Space

I’ve already spent so much time out here enjoying the fresh air and the gorgeous flowers. I can’t wait to spend all spring and summer out here as well!

Chelsea Coulston is a mom and a military wife. After living in five different states in six years, she’s become an expert at decorating and DIYing new homes. She shares her projects and inspirations on her blog Making Home Base.

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