Small Balcony Makeover: A Must-Read for Renters

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Small Balcony Makeover for Spring

Just because an apartment balcony is small, that doesn’t mean you have to compromise on comfort and style. You’ll see what we mean with the gorgeous small balcony makeover styled by Chari Herndon of Chic Home Style.

She made the absolute most of her small outdoor space with a lovely outdoor bistro set, outdoor string lights and lanterns, and some cute DIY hanging planters.

Small Balcony Makeover for Spring

I have a confession– in the past 11 years that I’ve rented, I’ve never invested the time and effort into my apartment balcony. Yes, you read that correctly, it’s been 11 years! Although having a balcony is always one of my top “non-negotiable” features when looking to rent a new place, I am guilty of neglecting this space. I always say I’m going to work on it, but somehow it ends up being the one project that’s always overlooked.

Until now!

Before the Balcony Makeover

An apartment balcony badly in need of a makeover

Here’s a look at my pitiful little balcony before the makeover.

When The Home Depot asked if I would be interested in joining their Patio Style Challenge, I was overwhelmed with excitement. And you can see why– my apartment balcony was in dire need of a facelift.

After the Balcony Makeover

Small Balcony Makeover for Spring

Here’s what it looks like now!

In the past, I’ve felt so “blah” about decorating and styling my small balcony, because I felt my options would be limited as a renter. It seemed like there was not much you could do when you’re renting, and then there’s the challenge of it being such a small space.

Small Balcony Makeover for Spring

When I took on this challenge, my goal was to find unique ideas that would make my balcony feel cozier and inviting. Despite the small size of the space, I was determined to make it functional with a beautifully decorated aesthetic.

The Outdoor Bistro Set

Oak Cliff 3-Piece Outdoor Bistro Set-- perfect for an apartment balcony

Home Depot sent me the Oak Cliff 3-Piece Bistro Dining Set along with matching Paisley Outdoor Throw Pillows. I chose the color Chili for a fun contrast and bold pop of color.

Small Balcony Makeover for Spring

This was the perfect set for my small balcony makeover. We get a lot of rain and inclement weather here in Houston, and this set features weather-resistant cushions, and the frames withstand outdoor elements.

Small Balcony Makeover for Spring

It’s durable and extremely comfortable to sit and lounge on.

Adding Deck Tiles

Deck tiles cover the ugly cement floor of an apartment balcony

The first item I purchased was the Quick Deck Outdoor Composite Deck Tiles. I wanted to cover the awful concrete flooring. The deck tiles were super easy to install. It took me less than 30 minutes to complete it all by myself.

A small balcony featuring deck tiles to cover the cement floor

The tiles simply snap together for easy assembly. Best of all, they are super low maintenance and cost effective. When we’re ready to move to our next place, we can unsnap them, and take them with us– and that’s what I call a smart renter’s purchase.

Small Balcony Makeover for Spring

My balcony is about 60 square feet, so it took me five and a half boxes to cover my balcony floor.

Deck tiles cover the floor of a small apartment balcony

Making the decision to cover the concrete instantly changed the look and feel, making it more appealing.

Small Balcony Makeover for Spring

Dining al Fresco

I thought about how I envisioned my time being spent outdoors after my small balcony makeover.

Croissants and quiche set out for brunch al fresco

Pouring orange juice during outdoor brunch

The balcony faces the pool with a nice view. It also gets a lot of shade, so it stays cool even in the summer heat.

Dining al fresco on a small balcony

Brunch al fresco

I thought it would be great to design a space where you could enjoy brunch or evening dinners.

Brunch on a small patio

It was also important to create an ambiance to enjoy day and night.

Small Balcony Makeover for Spring

The Copper Metal Beverage Tub with Stand and Tray is one of my outdoor accessories to make dining and relaxing easier.

Copper beverage tub with stand on a small balcony

The beverage tub is also removable for tabletop usage. I love how versatile it is!

DIY Painted Pot Hanging Planter

DIY Painted Pot Hanging Planter

I decided to do a small DIY project for my small balcony makeover. There’s not lot of space for plants, so I created a hanging herb and flower garden.

First, I purchased a few terra cotta pots and spray painted them using Rust-Oleum 12oz. Satin White Spray Paint.

DIY Painted Pot Hanging Planter

The accent color is BEHR Paint in the color Laser Lemon in a matte finish. I used rubber bands to help mark where my accent color lines would start and to make sure they were even and straight.

DIY Painted Pot Hanging Planter

Then, I cut pieces of rope and tied overhand knots on the ends to make the perfect hangers for my pots.

DIY Painted Pot Hanging Planter

DIY Painted Pot Hanging Planter

Finally, I hung the painted terra cotta pots on the 4-Arm Hanging Basket Tree. It holds my little hanging garden without taking up too much space.

DIY Painted Pot Hanging Planter

Since I don’t have much of a green thumb, I planted mushrooms and herbs, which should be fairly easy to grow. Hopefully, I can keep them alive long enough to enjoy them.

(Find more detailed instructions for this DIY hanging garden on my blog.)

Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lanterns on a small balcony

I wanted to be able to easily transition from day to night, so I added a bit of lighting to the space. I purchased a few different types of lighting beginning with a set of lanterns– the copper 14-in. Lantern and the 22-in. Lantern.

Rattan ball string lights

The 10-Light Rattan Ball String Lights hang along the window. I liked the texture and the look of these, as they weren’t the traditional choice that I am used to seeing.

Outdoor string lights on an apartment balcony

I wrapped two sets of the 100-Light Mini Garden String Lights around the banister. This created the perfect balance of warmth as the sun is setting.

String lights add ambiance on a small balcony

The lights also give the balcony a nice glow at night. It makes for the perfect setting for a romantic dinner or just to relax and wind-down after a long day.

A small balcony light up at night by string lights and candles

The Completed Small Balcony Makeover

Now that my small balcony makeover is complete, I have spent each day sitting outside and enjoying it. It’s quickly become my office space and my go-to spot for winding down. I’m so happy with how it turned out.

I’m thrilled that I had the opportunity to collaborate with The Home Depot to finally get it done! It’s been a long time coming, and I honestly don’t know how I’ve gone this long without having a nice balcony space to enjoy.

Chári Herndon of Chic Home Style on her small balcony

Photography by Savannah Montgomery

Chári Herndon is a Certified Interior Decorator and home stager. She lives with her husband in Houston. For more on her small balcony makeover and the DIY project, visit her blog Chic Home Style.

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