Details Make the Most of a Small Apartment Balcony

Claudia Camargo

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Details Make the Most of a Small Apartment Balcony

To make the most of your small apartment balcony, focus on the details. That’s the advice of Claudia Camargo of Miles + Smiles, who turned her apartment balcony into a lovely space for relaxing and for following her passion for herb gardening.

Small Apartment Balcony Makeover

We live in downtown Minneapolis, and since it is just my hubby and me (for now), we decided to rent an apartment. We’re all the way up on the 32nd floor, so we have a gorgeous view of southwest Minneapolis The space that we have as our outdoor space it’s pretty small, but we wanted to make it a little nook of peace and nature where we could come after work and unwind with a glass of wine. We wanted to keep it neutral with some of greenery but our main goal was to make it comfortable, our little happy place.

Before and After The Apartment Balcony Makeover

Small Apartment Balcony Makeover, Before and After

I had the opportunity to choose from their patio furniture and I chose this set called Belcourt 4-piece Seating Collection which includes two chairs, a love seat and a coffee table. We love how comfortable they are!

Outdoor Lights and Candles

Throughout my small apartment balcony makeover, I realized that the small details are the ones that create the cozy feeling that we wanted. The café lights, outdoor throw pillows, poufs, flowers/plants/succulent arrangements are the ones that truly make a space special.

I chose these café patio lights to bring some warmth into the space since the neutral colors tend to make them “colder.” This type of string lights really makes it a cozy space, especially at night.

Garden string lights

Another cute detail that I added were these glass lanterns, where I put in candles. I am a huge candle fan, and bringing it to outer spaces seem to be appropriate, especially for those romantic nights at home with my hubby!

Details Make the Most of a Small Apartment Balcony

Apartment Balcony Herb Gardening

If you know me, you know how obsess I am about gardening! I got really into it back when I lived in Austin. I finally had a balcony and good weather to grow my little plants. When I say gardening, I mean I’m more into herbs and edibles such as cilantro, basil, rosemary, etc. Don’t get me wrong, I do love flowers, but there is something about growing your own herbs that is so rewarding!

Gardening tools for an apartment balcony herb garden

Herb gardening on a small apartment balcony

Container herb garden on a small apartment balcony

I chose to use Nature’s Care Organic Garden Soil to plant all my plants. I also got a tip for a very dear friend a long time ago to use Osmocote to feed my plants so I put some midway in the soil and then sprinkle some on top.

I decided to re-purpose this Metal Beverage Tub into a planter for my herbs since it is so easy to carry inside for cold nights.

Being in a small apartment also means that I have to get creative with storage. I found these great plastic baskets that match perfectly with the patio set to store all my gardening tools and extras.

Stowing away garden tools on a small apartment balcony

Plastic basket holding gardening tools stowed under an outdoor chair

Raising Bigger Plants

I have a passion for big plants. It’s a big deal for me to see a hint of greenery throughout the house, specially during the long winter days. All of this also had to translate to our small apartment balcony as well, so I bought a Snake Plant and a Mass Cane Plant and placed them in beautiful jeweled tone pots (dark blue and mustard). I loved them because of the texture and design they have, the perfect touch of color I wanted.

And even though we live next to a park, we decided to buy this faux grass carpet to add an even more outdoorsy feeling to our little space.

Potting plants on a small apartment balcony

A snake plant on a small apartment balcony

Putting this little space together meant so much for both of us, since it is the first home we decorated as a married couple. Mixing styles is not easy but I think we landed at a good place where he is happy and I am happy. So, bring it on spring!

Claudia Camargo is the founder and blogger for the Miles + Smiles blog. By day she is an art director at Target headquarters, and by night a passionate blogger. She was captivated by design at a very young age, which lead her to follow a career in advertising but her creativity needed an extra outlet where she could express herself, that’s when Miles + Smiles was born in 2015.

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