Simple DIY Halloween Candy Bowl


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DIY Halloween Candy Bowl

How to Create the Halloween Candy Bowl

It’s simple to make your own Halloween candy bowls using everyday household items and Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch Ultra Cover 2x.

For this project, we turned simple bowls into pieces that can be kept on display for the entire season.

Halloween Decor Materials


Before You Begin

Before you start your project, locate a well ventilated area to work in. Place a drop cloth on your working surface to protect the surrounding area from possible overspray, drips or runs. Clean the bowls with soap and water prior to painting.

Step 1: Apply stickers

Applying Stickers to Candy Bowl

Now you’re ready to apply your painter’s tape or stickers. This project is all about having fun and letting your creative side show. For our polka dot candy bowl, we decided to use some round stickers that were left over from a garage sale.

Once the bowls are dry, simply place the stickers all around the outside of the candy bowl in a pattern of your choice. You can also use painter’s tape to create different patterns on your bowls.

Step 2: Prime for spray-painting

Priming the Candy Bowl

Once you’re happy with your tape or sticker pattern, begin priming. Applying a quality primer, such as Painter’s Touch Ultra Cover 2x, will provide an extra layer of adhesion for your project.

First, shake your can of primer for one minute after the mixing ball starts to rattle. Hold the can 10 – 16 in. away from the surface and spray in a steady back-and-forth motion, slightly overlapping each stroke.

Apply two or more light coats of primer to the bottom sides of the candy bowl, allowing a few minutes in between each coat. Let dry for approximately 20 minutes.

TIP: Place the candy bowl upside down for the priming and painting process.

Step 3: Spray-paint your bowl

Spray Painting the Candy Bowl

Once the primer has dried, you are ready to add your top coat color of choice.

For this project, we went with Painter’s Touch Ultra Cover 2x in Gloss Black and Real Orange.

Before using, shake the can(s) for one minute after the mixing ball starts to rattle. Hold the can 10 – 16 in. from the candy bowl and spray in a sweeping motion, slightly overlapping each stroke.

Apply two to three light coats to your candy bowls a few minutes apart to avoid drips and runs and allow the paint to fully dry before heading onto the next step.

Step 4: Remove stickers and/or tape

Removing Stickers from Candy Bowl

When the paint is dry to the touch after your last coat, remove stickers or tape. Simply peel them off  the candy bowl one by one.

TIP: Allow your bowls to fully dry for 24 hours before using.

Completed DIY Halloween Candy Bowl

DIY Halloween candy bowls and Halloween decor

One can of Painter’s Touch Ultra Cover 2x will go a long way. So we found a planter that screamed Halloween and used the primer and Gloss Black to give it new life. We added some bats and moss to our projects to give the entryway an extra scare!

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