DIY Holiday Gifts: Shaving Station for Dad


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DIY Shaving Station for Dad

Break the norm, and DIY your holiday gift for Dad this year with this simple, yet practical shaving station. It’s a place for him to place his razor, shaving cream, shaving brush, and more. It looks great, and since you made it for him, Dad will appreciate his gift even more.

(We probably don’t need to point out that this would also make a terrific Father’s Day gift. We wouldn’t hold it against you if you wanted to make this for yourself, too.)

Just follow our step-by-step tutorial to make this shaving station.

Shaving Station for Dad

Materials for DIY Shaving Station for Dad


Step 1: Measure and Cut Wood

Cut List

  1. Birch Panel Plywood Cut to 14¾ in. wide (height stays 24 in.)
  2. 1 x 3 x 6 cut to 14¾ in.

If you do not have a miter saw or table saw, your local Home Depot store can make the cuts for you.

Once all cuts are complete, lightly sand the wood to eliminate the rough edges.

DIY Shaving Station for Dad

Tip: You can use a rough threaded screw and a hammer to add a little additional rustic character to the board. This will allow the stain to pool a little deeper in the indented areas and give a worn wood look.

DIY Shaving Station for Dad

Step 2: Stain

Dip your staining pad in to the stain. Wipe the stain onto the boards in the direction of the woodgrain.

Let the stain sit for about 10 minutes, then wipe it off using the clean end of your staining pad.

Tip: A pair of vinyl gloves will keep the stain from seeping into your skin and ruining your manicure.

DIY Shaving Station for Dad

Step 3: Map Locations for the Hardware

Before putting the shaving station together, lay out all the elements of the station to allow for the best fit.

We used a camping mirror with an anti-fog feature. It had a hole in the center that allowed us to use an oversized chrome knob to attach it to the board.

DIY Shaving Station for Dad

Step 4: Mark the Hardware Locations

When you are laying out your design, also mark placement holes for your hardware to help with drilling accuracy.

DIY Shaving Station for Dad

Step 5: Pre-drill Holes

Now that you have the placement holes marked, use a 5/32 drill bit to pre-drill for application ease.

DIY Shaving Station for Dad

Step 6: Attach the Shelf

Apply wood glue to one end of the post. Using your nail gun and 1-in. brad nails, attach the shelf to the base by pinning in from the bottom of the shelf into the base of the board.

DIY Shaving Station for Dad

Step 7: Install the Hardware

Use a Phillips-head screw driver and the provided mounting screws to attach the cabinet hardware to the shaving station.

Start from the back of the shaving station and push installation screws through to connect into the threaded cabinet hardware.

Repeat this step for the Steel Bar Pull and the Contempo Knob that attaches the mirror.

DIY Shaving Station for Dad

Step 8: Add Dad’s Favorite Products

If you’re building this shave station as a gift, find some of Dad’s favorite shaving products, like a monogrammed towel or soft bristle brush!

DIY Shaving Station for Dad

DIY Shaving Station for Dad

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