Room Makeover: Space-Saving Baby’s Room and Craft Room Combo

Amber Kemp-Gerstel

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Room Makeover: Space-Saving Baby's Room and Craft Room Combo

Making the most of a small space is important if you live in a condominium or apartment. We’ve seen how Amber Kemp-Gerstel of Damask Love turned her tiny balcony into a versatile, comfortable outdoor space. Now she shows us her craft room, which she needed to turn into a combination craft room and baby’s room (for little Markus).

Wait. A craft room AND a baby’s room?

Yep. This room makeover creates a combo space for a baby and for crafting. As you’ll see Amber makes it work beautifully. Along the way she shares mini tutorials on how to hang a gallery wall, a super clever way to add the appeal of wall paper without actually hanging wall paper and a cute art project made from paint brushes.

When we moved into our current condo, my one request was to have a craft room. For two years, it was my office and allowed me to be productive and grow my blog. When I found out there was a baby on the way, I wasn’t quite ready to give up my workspace, but I knew it had to change. Big time.

A craft room before its makeover

Before the recent overhaul, my craft desk was very “open.” All of my supplies were visible and could be grabbed up easily. It was tough to keep this space neat since every little out-of-place item could be spotted. My supplies piled up and there wasn’t a ton of storage for new materials that I brought in. It was mostly functional but would not be an ideal work space when there was a baby around.

A craft room that also serves as a guest room

The previous craft space also served as the guest room in our two-bedroom condo. We had  a large sofa bed on the wall opposite my work desk which was nice for lounging, but also functional for when visitors arrived. With a little one on the way, this element of the room was going to have to change… I’m pretty sure that sofa beds are not appropriate for infants!

The options for redecorating this space swirled in my head for months, and I finally settled on a design that would be functional and appealing. That’s where my “Crib Meets Craft” project began. I wanted a dual-purpose room where I could work and where baby could be comfortable, a space where all of my supplies would have a home and could be neatly put away, out of baby’s reach. Thankfully, The Home Depot offers a huge assortment of crafting furniture that fit the bill perfectly.

Follow me along on this little tour of my Crib-Meets-Craft Room Makeover.

A Fresh Coat of Paint

It’s hard to believe that this is the same room, but it is. It’s amazing what a fresh coat of Behr Marquee paint will do, along with a few key pieces of Martha Stewart Living Crafting furniture.

Color palette for a combined craft room and baby's room

I chose a color palette that was kid-friendly, bold and could work in an adult workspace. For the walls, we went with Behr Marquee paint in Manhattan Mist. The paint goes on in just one coat — even on the wall that was previously painted. Since I was pregnant, I didn’t do the painting myself, but I was really happy about the low VOC’s, which meant minimal paint fumes in our home.

Craft room and baby's room combo

The Crafting Space

Along my “work wall” I placed five pieces of Martha Stewart Living crafting furniture, which provides plenty of space for my crafting supplies…with room to grow. I also added these awesome clear acrylic ZUO chairs and this sleek metal table lamp (I bought a few!) for a modern flair.

Above my craft table, I wanted to hang art-themed images that would fit the crafty theme of the room and coordinate with the colors.

Creating this little gallery wall was easy…

A beautiful crafting space and home office

(From left to right: Martha Stewart Standard File Cabinet || Martha Stewart 31.5″ Craft Space Table || Martha Stewart Craft Space Storage Hutch || Martha Stewart Three Drawer Flat File Cabinet || Martha Stewart Craft Storage Console)

Amber Kemp-Gerstel at her desk

Gallery Wall Tutorial

Gallery wall tutorial



1. Trace each frame to be included in your gallery wall then cut out the frame shapes with scissors.

2. Arrange the builder’s paper onto the wall to finalize the design of your gallery.

3. Hang the center piece of the gallery wall then flank with strips of painter’s tape. This will ensure that all the additional frames will be perfectly spaced.

4. Hang the remaining gallery artwork.

Crafting room storage space

Craft room storage space open

A well-organized crafting cabinet

The Baby’s Space

On the wall opposite my crafting area is where our sweet little baby now lives. His space is filled with all the necessities, along with a few creative extras that I designed. By far my favorite feature of this wall are those wallpaper panels.

Since we are renting our condominium, it didn’t make sense to wallpaper the entire wall, only to have to remove it later. These panels are a temporary solution for adding wall paper to your walls–perfect for renters and home owners!

Cute baby's room with DIY wallpaper panels and DIY art

Wallpaper Panel Tutorial

Wallpaper panel tutorial



1. Place the MDF board onto a flat surface (either a work table or the floor).

2. Working in small sections, brush wall paper paste directly onto the MDF and onto the back of the wallpaper.

3. Smooth the wallpaper into place and continue adhering wall paper onto the MDF. Once the entire board is covered, wrap the edge as you would a gift.

Paint Brush Art Tutorial

Paint Brush Art Tutorial

To add a pop of color to each of the wallpaper panels, I created this framed artwork which totally coordinates with the crafty theme of the room. They are incredibly easy to create!



1. Tape off the brush portion of the paint brushes.

2. Spray paint the handle portion of the paint brushes.

3. Allow them to dry, then arrange the paint brushes on a sheet of heavyweight white paper.

4. Use a hot glue gun to secure your paint brush design.

5. Frame the paint brushes and hang them on the wall.

Wall Paper Panels with Paint Brush Art

Wall Paper Panels with Paint Brush Art

This stacking cubby system from Martha Stewart Living was perfect for storing some of the little baby items that we needed to have handy. The shot below also gives you a good look at the beautiful Safavieh rug I found to pull the space together.

Room Makeover: Space-Saving Baby's Room and Craft Room Combo

Photography by Osiris Ramirez Photography

Amber Kemp-Gerstel is a child psychologist by day, and an amazing crafter, decorator and DIY enthusiast by night. Damask Love is where she shares her decorating ideas, craft projects and more. She lives with her husband and infant son in Miami.

As a reference, Amber purchased all of the nursery furniture in this room from Babyletto and NurseryWorks

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