Preparing Bedding for a Move and DIY Personalized Flower Pots

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Preparing Bedding for a Move

I’ve moved many, many times. Upsizing, downsizing, across the country and back again, into new homes, old homes, rentals and pretty soon, we’ll be moving into a newly renovated mid-century modern ranch. While each move presents different challenges, I guarantee everyone is on the same page with this: after an exhausting day of moving and unpacking, the last thing you want to do is dig for the toilet paper and your bedding.

This post won’t help you with the former, but instead will save you from a miserable night’s sleep. Have you ever had to sleep on a bare mattress covered in a beach towel? I have. It’s the pits. It took one move of that for me to figure out a system to make the first night in the new home go a little more smoothly.

You’ll need a few simple supplies including your favorite detergent and fabric softener (mine are liquid Tide and Downy), garbage bags, a marker, and Febreze. And of course, your bedding.

I have a system when it comes to packing bedding and it starts with washing. When you strip down your bed, give everything a good wash. The sheets, the mattress pad, your duvet, maybe even your pillows. I always like to go into a new environment with everything fresh and clean.

Once it’s all washed and dried, fold everything neatly and place it in a new garbage sack, labeled for the final destination. That way there’s no confusion for which sheets go to which bed and in which room.

Toss the garbage sacks full of clean bedding in the back of your car, rather than in a box so they’re easy to find and take them straight into your bedroom.

When you’re ready to set up your bed for the night, everything is all in the same place (hooray!) and you can quickly make your bed and hit the hay. But before you do, give your new room a little freshening with some Febreze. It’s a small thing, but it makes your new house feel so much more like a home. Clean sheets, and a fresh scent—you’ll feel settled in no time.

DIY Personalized Flower Pots

Speaking of settled, nothing makes me feel settled in a new space faster than fresh flowers and something sentimental. This simple DIY fits the bill on both accounts.

One of my best friends just closed on a new (to them) home. With a big renovation ahead, we wanted a way for her son to feel a sense of ownership and also have a little fun. My little girl was thrilled to help out and together, we all headed to The Home Depot.

Two small children in a kids cart at a Home Depot store

We started in the garden section and let the kids each pick out some flowers.

Two toddlers smelling flowers at a Home Depot garden center

Next, I picked up some inexpensive terra cotta flower pots.

One of my go-to products for colorful DIY is paint samples. For a few bucks, you can mix up any color you want. Ruby went after pink and purple, and Davey loved yellow and blue. They were so excited to pick their colors.

Glidden paint samples in a Home Depot store

Two toddlers having fun with paint chips in a Home Depot store

To personalize the pots, I found some small house letters and numbers typically used for mailboxes. I’m a sucker for anything monogrammed.

House Letters and Numbers

We also picked up some potting soil, disposable paint sponges, and Bounty paper towels to help with the mess (and there was some mess).

Paint and paper towels

What’s more fun for toddlers than playing with paint? We laid out an old sheet, changed them into oversized t-shirts, and with a little guidance, let them paint their pots.

A toddler painting a flower pot

Painting a flower pot

A toddler with a paint brush and paint smears

A child paints a flower pot

Painted flower pots

When they spilled (or painted themselves), we used Bounty and a little water to clean it up. The paint rubbed right off.

Painting a flower pot for a personalized flower pot DIY project

After the pots dried, we planted their flowers and stuck on the letters.

House Numbers for DIY Personalized Flower Pots

DIY Personalized Flower Pots

DIY Personalized Flower Pots

So simple, yet so cheerful and fun for small children. The kids love seeing their personalized flower pots at the house!

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