Easy Pipe Coat Rack Pipe Project

Kim West

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Easy Pipe Coat Rack Pipe Project

There is practically no end to how you can use simple pipe and pipe fitting from The Home Depot’s plumbing aisle to make things that have nothing to do with getting water to the sink. This pipe project is a cool and colorful pipe coat rack designed by Kim West of A Girl & A Glue Gun.

It’s her contribution to our DIY Challenge series here on The Home Depot Blog. We asked to come up with a fun and useful DIY project, with the only stipulation being that she use pipe.

Just follow Kim’s step-by-step tutorial to create a similar pipe coat rack in your home.

Easy Pipe Coat Rack and Hat Hook

My son is a collector of hats (and Legos, and superheros and basically anything boy related). But all of his hats were really getting annoying strewn across his dresser, bed, and especially the floor!

Empty wall space just begging for a DIY pipe coat rack

He had a blank spot in between his closet and door that I knew would be a perfect vertical solution to get those hats and jackets off his floor and almost look like a fun display!

Easy Pipe Coat Rack Pipe Project

The awesome part about this is that you can truly customize these pipe coat hooks how ever you want. You can spray paint the pipe any color, or leave them plain for the industrial look. You can add a pipe coat hook by the back door to hang your purse or 12 down your hallway to hang everyone’s backpacks, in the bathroom for bath towels or even some in the garage to hang your coats!

Materials forEasy Pipe Coat Rack Pipe Project


For Each Hat Hook (I made six… So 18 pieces altogether)

For Each Coat Hook (I made three of these)

Other Materials You’ll Need

Pipe and Fittings Needed for Easy Pipe Coat Rack Pipe Project

Step 1: Assemble the Hat Hook

Creating a Hat Hook from Pipe

Gather up all three pieces. Take the 2-inch nipple and screw it in the floor flange.

It is pretty easy to do. I just twisted until I couldn’t twist it anymore.

Easy Hat Hook Pipe Project

Add the cap.

Step 2: Assemble the Coat Hook

Creating a pipe coat hook

You actually start the same way as the hat hook.

Add the 2-inch nipple into the floor flange.

Coat Hook Pipe Project

Take the elbow and twist it on next.

Easy Pipe Coat Rack Pipe Project

Then add the ½-in. piece (I bought the smallest length of nipple there was, but you can add a larger size if you wanted to.)

Easy Pipe Coat Rack Pipe Project

Then twist on cap!

Step 3: Paint the Coat Rack

Easy Pipe Coat Rack Pipe Project -- Unpainted

These actually look great as is –so this step is totally optional!

Rust-Oleum Painter's Touch Spray Paint in Sun Yellow

But I always love a punch of color! So I had to go with a cheery yellow spray paint! (You can paint these before you assemble –but it’s a lot easier to paint all the sides of the steel nipple when it’s not rolling around the paint tarp!)

Spray-painting pipe and fittings for a pipe coat rack project

Here’s a great spray painting tip: When painting a light color over a dark object, add a quick coat of white spray paint beforehand. When you paint the light color over the white helps it so you won’t need as many coats…and it makes the color come through a lot brighter!

Screws held in foam while being spray-painted

I realized that the screw heads would be exposed so I stuck them into a square of foam to keep them upright and then spray painted them as well!

Step 4: Placement of the Pipe Coat Rack

Using a level and pencil to mark placement on wall of a coat rack made of pipe

Using a level and a measuring tape, plan out where you want your piping racks.

I know you think your eyeballs are awesome—but I promise you that a level will make it so straight. And if one is off, it will be noticeable once you get all the hats and coats on it!

I made sure that I spaced the hat racks with enough room for the hats to hang without getting in the way of the hooks underneath it.

Step 5: Attach the Coat Racks to the Wall

This wall was getting nine hooks into it– four screws each. That’s 36 holes into the wall and not one of them was where a stud was! I always aim for a stud, but when it’s not aesthetically pleasing…I have a solution!

Marking placement of screw holes for a wall-mounted pipe coat rack

First you need to mark where each screw goes. I just held up each hook and used a pencil to mark the holes)

Drilling holes in a wall

Using a drill bit, add a hole on each pencil mark.  Once you have four holes it’s time to add some anchors!

Screw anchors, a pencil and a level

I love kits like these—they are so nice to have different sizes for different projects! And the come with the plastic anchor and the screw size to match.

Holes with screw anchors inserted

You need to take the plastic anchor and push them into each hole. (You want it nice and snug!)

Screwing a pipe hat hook to a wall

Then screw in the floor flange- putting each screw into each anchor.

These anchors really make the coat/hat rack sturdy!

Pipe coat hooks attached to a wall

Then repeat, repeat, repeat! Make sure to erase all the pencil marks you made!

Easy Pipe Coat Rack Pipe Project

I wanted to add stripes, but wanted to wait until it was all done to make sure it wasn’t going to be too busy! I do love how they look!

Step 6: Staging

Easy Pipe Coat Rack Pipe Project

Finally, it’s time for the fun part! Get all those hats, jackets, bathrobes, backpacks, medals, capes, whatever you need to hang…and hang!

Easy Pipe Hat Hook Pipe Project

A quick close up so can see why we needed to paint the screws!

Easy Pipe Coat Rack Pipe Project

So far so good on keeping up with the hat clutter! Hopefully it stays this way!

Easy Pipe Coat Rack Pipe Project

Kim West blogs at A Girl & A Glue Gun. She loves any good DIY, and she’s thrifty, so she is constantly trying to come up with awesome cheap and easy crafts that won’t break the bank. She lives in Idaho with her husband and three kiddos!

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