An Easy Patio Update With Vivid, Carribean-Inspired Color

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An Easy Patio Update With Vivid, Carribean-Inspired Color

We loved the zen-inspired patio Camille Simmons styled for our Patio Style Challenge series. But Camille, who’s the talent behind the blog Planning Pretty, insisted that something was missing and it was time for an easy patio update.

We’re not going to argue with a talented DIYer the likes of Camille, so… sure! Let’s do a patio update. We were excited to see how she could improve on the comfortable and peaceful outdoor space she designed for her (very fortunate) brother. It’s a Patio Style Challenge Redux.

Turns out her patio update really was easy, as you’re about to see. It mostly involved some spray paint a few simple items for the potting table-turned-outdoor buffet. The patio is still a lovely, peaceful spot, but with color.

A Colorful Patio Update

Last year, I focused on creating a peaceful zen patio for family gatherings at my brother’s Sacramento home. We enjoyed the space throughout California’s almost year-round summer.

A gravel patio before getting a patio update

It was definitely a relaxing space, but as you can see above, it lacked one important element. Color! Everything was very natural green with an urban zen twist, but color was definitely missing.

Tackling that problem was a priority this year. We also needed a few pieces to make entertaining a little bit easier.

Color Inspiration

A hand-painted clay pot that inspired the color palette for a patio update

To start the patio update, I gathered inspiration from existing pieces in the yard. I found two beautiful hand-painted clay pots hidden in a corner. Both had a wonderful and colorful mosaic pattern with bursts of oranges and blues.

I easily saw the theme coming together. Creating a breezy, Caribbean island feel would be perfect!

A wicker patio set painted in bright blue, orange and yellow

I started by searching for patterns and fabrics with bright blues, oranges and yellows.

Spray Painting the Wicker Furniture

The first update would be the wicker furniture. Instead of a dark black-brown, I transformed the seating into bursts of island color. I chose the brightest color, orange, for the love-seat to serve as a focal point, and accented it with the pool-blue chairs. The pale yellow coffee table added a little calm to compliment the two bolder colors.

Prepping wicker furniture for spray painting

To prepare the furniture for a new paint job, we had to thoroughly clean the patio set. One of the worse things you can do is spray paint over dirt and dust. It creates a rough surface that the paint may have trouble adhering to. We dusted all the furniture with a rag and then sprayed it down with a water hose.

Spray painting a wicker love seat orange

After the pieces had a chance to dry, I used Rust-Oleum primer and paints in Real OrangeOasis Blue, and Warm Yellow.

Outdoor Pillows to Match

I found the Hampton Bay Montigo seat cushions with a beautiful exotic pattern on an orange wicker love seat

I found the Hampton Bay Montigo seat cushions with a beautiful exotic pattern at my local Home Depot store. They were the perfect accent to match the tropical style of the patio. I added the new cushions to all the wicker seating. To tie in the pattern with the rest of the patio decor, I found pillows in the same color scheme.

Sheridan patterned pillows on the neutral Atlamira Tropical Pation Dining Set

After accenting the seating area with Hampton Bay pillows in Mediterranean and Pumpkin, I added the Sheridan patterned pillows to the neutral Altamira Tropical Patio Dining Set.

Decorative Accents

Colorful wicker furniture, an end table and colorful accents on a backyard patio

I also added these adorable decorative bird accents from the Home Depot Garden Center to really bring in the Caribbean vibe.

A cockatoo and two parrot figures give a tropical vibe to a backyard patio

Adding playful elements work great in spaces that need to appeal to the whole family. Kids love it!

Colorful Place Setting Boards

Colorful place setting boards created for a patio update

It still felt like the dining area needed more color in the patio update, so I created place setting boards. Using scrap pieces of wood from another project, I sanded and painted them to coordinate with the rest of the decor. The boards doubled as coasters for drinkware and a surface for flatware.

Colorful place settings on an outdoor dining table

We were still in love with the overhead lamp, but gave the green serving tray from my previous Patio Style Challenge a bright tri-color paint update.

An outdoor dining table with colorful place settings

The Outdoor Buffet

A potting bench converted into a party buffet with colorful accents

For the potting bench (this one is similar) we converted into a party buffet last year, we found functional party accessories to help with hosting family barbecues.

The Mason jar drink dispenser is perfect for serving iced-teas and homemade punches.

We also needed a stylish cooler for bottled and canned beverages. I found a great galvanized bucket with a stand. After painting the stand with Rust-Oleum spray paint in Lagoon, I rearranged some of the flower pots and garden tools and added a few decorative party lanterns.

A great galvanized bucket with a stand holding iced soft drinks

An outdoor buffet with party accessories to help with hosting family barbecues

Add Some Flowers

Adding fresh flowers to an outdoor space, whether potted or arranged, brings life to the space. I used simple grocery store flowers and created simple arrangements in a couple of my favorite vases.Fresh flowers add color to a lovely backyard patio

Flowers in simple arrangements in a couple of vases on a backyard patio

Colored Stones

A fun additional project I added to the patio was a mosaic pattern of stones at the entrance to the patio.

Pebbles painted blue, orange and yellow are placed on the gravel floor of a backyard patio

It’s a wonderful project for kids to create in the yard. I spray painted about fifty or so stones from the rock patio flooring in the corresponding colors of the patio. I cleared space in the rocks and began creating a spiral and sundial pattern. The paint took a little while to dry since it was a hot day, but eventually the stones were dry enough for placement.

An Easy Patio Update With Vivid, Carribean-Inspired Color

There you have it! With a burst of island color, the patio is ready to host another season of BBQs just in time for the summer holidays.

Camille Simmons lives in the Bay Area with her husband and her Yorkie, Spinkles. She’s worked in film, television and digital media and advertising. These days she writes, decorates, bakes and hosts parties. Her blog Planning Pretty focuses on sharing her easy, affordable ideas for entertaining, cooking and more.

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