Potted Plants, Flowers Add Color to Patio Makeover

Amy Mikkelsen

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of Your Southern Peach

Potted Plants, Flowers Add Color to Patio Makeover

With a growing family and extra outdoor living space, it was time for Amy Mikkelsen of Your Southern Peach to embark on a patio makeover.

We loved the Southern charm of her front porch decor from her previous Patio Style Challenge. She’s moved to a new home, with more outdoor space, and she’s back to show us how she’s reused the patio furniture from before on her new backyard deck.

For this patio makeover– a Patio Style Challenge Redux– she’s added plenty of potted plants and flowers for color and texture, and gives us her tips on how best to display them.

Patio Makeover

As many of you know we just welcomed our third son Benjamin into our family last month! There have been a lot of changes for us, including a new home and outdoor living space. Some of you may remember our charming front porch from last spring’s Patio Style Challenge and while we certainly miss it, our new home offers us even more space for outdoor dining and entertaining.

Amy Mikkelsen admires her new baby along with her son

Since completing this patio makeover, the boys and I have enjoyed slowly introducing baby Ben to the great outdoors. The big boys have also been going outside for things like homework and snack time. I’m always amazed at how a breath of fresh air can rejuvenate me and calm the boys at the same time.

Mediterranean Colors

Red Beach, Santorini, Greece; Photo copyright Amy Mikklesen

For the patio makeover, I kept the Mediterranean color palette from our previous porch. I still love the deep terra cotta mixed with bright blue and white, inspired by a trip to the Greek island, Santorini.

The Patio Furniture Set

To kick off the Patio Style Challenge Redux, I put the boys to work cleaning the deck. The first step to a flawless finish is beginning with a clean slate.

Martha Stewart Living Charlottetown Patio Set in an intimate corner of a backyard deck

I arranged my existing Martha Stewart Living Charlottetown Patio Set in an intimate corner for conversation and relaxing. It still looks brand new and I can’t tell you how easy this line is to clean and maintain! We store the cushions over winter and bring them indoors during rain to keep them looking great.

As you can see in the corner of the deck, I’m still using the very popular gold-painted shelving unit. There will be more of that in just a minute.

The Martha Stewart Living Charlottetown All-Weather Dining Set for six added to a deck for a patio makeover

After arranging the seating area, there was  still a lot of space to work with.

First, I added the Martha Stewart Living Charlottetown All-Weather Dining Set for six. I can’t wait to dine alfresco with the family and enjoy those long summer evenings together and perhaps a game night.

Quarry Red dining cushions on the Martha Stewart Living Charlottetown All-Weather Dining Set

The table set came standard with washed blue cushions, but I replaced with them with Quarry Red dining cushions to match my existing set.

A gorgeous 9 x 12 blue outdoor rug decorates a backyard deck in a patio makeover

My previous rug was too small for this larger space so I upgraded to a 9 x 12 rug, which fits perfectly. It’s an indoor/outdoor rug in the prettiest shade of blue that ties the space together.

Potted plants and flowers on a teak potting table to decorate a backyard deck in a patio makeover

In addition to a larger rug and table, I have space for my teak potting bench, which I use for entertaining and housing potted plants and flowers.

The Potted Plants and Flowers

For simplicity, I chose a mass planting of white petunias which will eventually be trailing over the sides of the pot. Unfortunately, there’s no spot for hanging Boston ferns at the new house, but there’s always a way to incorporate these Southern beauties into your patio decor via a pot or planter stand!

A patio makeover featuring potted plants and flowers and a beautiful new outdoor dining set

A pair of wisteria plants decorate a beautiful backyard deck

Near the stairs, I added a pair of wisteria plants. Some people view “Miss Wisteria” as invasive but I view her as a confident go-getter.

Wisteria growing in a Chippendale planter with a fleur-de-lis trellis decorates a deck after a patio makeover

I’m hoping these white Chippendale planters will contain her enthusiasm, but if not there’s plenty of space to let her spread her wings in the backyard.

I love how the wrought iron fleur-de-lis trellis frames the space and adds a touch of Southern charm to the planters.

A Coral Bark Japanese maple helps fill an empty spot on a backyard deck

This Coral Bark Japanese maple helps fill an empty spot on the deck and provides a green background to an otherwise boring nook.

Believe it or not, this tree has lived happily  in this pot for three years now. A potted tree is a great alternative if you have a small yard or limited space for planting.

Colorful hydrangeas displayed with various green creeping plants

Another great way to fill a large space is by grouping flowering containers in threes. This technique is a nice way to showcase a variety of plants and flowers.

When arranging a flowering container, remember the three T’s… tall, thick and trailing. Choose plants in various textures and heights for maximum visual interest and beauty. Colorful hydrangea pair especially nicely with various green creeping plants.

The Tablescape and DIY Serving Cart

An outdoor tablescape with melamine dinner plates and faux bamboo utensils

In regards to styling my new patio for this challenge, I picked up these melamine dinner plates and faux bamboo utensils, which are gorgeous, but also durable. The glasses are also melamine, but still have an elegant look to them. I kept the centerpiece simple, functional and mobile.

DIY gold serving car with refreshments and potted plants

And last but not least, you may be wondering how my infamous ordinary metal shelf-turned-glamorous gold serving cart held up. After one year on the front porch, it did need a fresh coat of Rustoleum gold spray paint. She’s still holding entertaining necessities as well as two new plants, a tall bearded tongue and a shorter lithodora plant.

Potted plants and flowers sit atop a gold serving cart

The serving cart has seen a lot of use over the past year, but for the price of only twenty dollars plus a can of spray paint, I’d say she’s a keeper even if she does need a facelift every few seasons.

Amy Mikkelsen with her husband and three sons on her backyard deck

I’m thrilled with the results of our patio makeover! The consistent colors and furniture style remind me of the quaint front porch from our first home. But the added dining table and space for additional plants give me more options for entertaining and making new memories with our family of five. We’re looking forward to a wonderful patio season thanks to the Home Depot Style Challenge Redux!

Amy is an Atlanta native and genuine Georgia peach. She’s the creative mind behind the southern lifestyle blog Your Southern Peach, where she shares recipes, entertaining tips and other domestic delights. She’s the mom of three young gents and is an avid yogi and gardener. She believes that southern hospitality has no boundaries.

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