Patio Makeover Begins with Cement Patio Extension

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Patio Makeover Begins with Cement Patio Extension

Stacey Blake had a decent patio. But she wanted more. More patio, that is. Her patio makeover started with extending her patio’s cement pad, and as you’ll see, it was very good idea.

Stacey is a talented DIYer who blogs at Design Addict Mom, and her patio makeover is part of our Patio Style Challenge Series here on The Home Depot Blog. We sent her the outdoor dining set to get her patio makeover kicked off, and she did the rest.

She takes us through her design ideas and execution, along with showing off her boys’ sandbox on wheels and a handy potting table next to her new patio. But first, she explains how she extended the patio and then painted the cement.

A teak outdoor dining table set for a meal

Patio Makeover

We basically live outdoors once the warmer temperatures arrive here in North Carolina. While we’ve always enjoyed our outdoor space, we’ve known that if we extended the patio area, we would be adding more function and maximizing the use of the space. We wanted to be able to accommodate a dining area, a space for a grill, and a space for the boys to play. We kept putting off the extension of the patio until now.

When I was invited to participate in the Home Depot Patio Style Challenge, I thought it was the best time to stop procrastinating and extend the concrete patio. Before starting on any renovation, I had some crucial decisions to make, like choosing a dining set from the collection at Home Depot. I decided on the Hampton Bay Barnsdale Teak 7-Piece Patio Dining Set because of its modern and simple design, which mimics the aesthetic inside our home.

Once that was done, it was time to get to work!

Before the Patio Makeover

This is what the space looked like before. The existing concrete patio was approximately 10′ x 10′.

A small patio before a patio makeover

Extending and Painting the Cement Pad

To save on time and money, we left the existing concrete slab. Also we chose to extend on either side of the existing concrete so we wouldn’t have to disturb any of the existing sprinkler heads that were in front of the concrete space (since we have a sprinkler system in the front and back). Doing so also cut down on cost and time.

Preparations to extend a cement patio

Old cement and new cement of a concrete pad that has been enlarged

I knew once we decided to keep the old concrete slab that I was going to have to paint the entire space; old and new concrete because there was going to be a disparity between the two spaces. Unfortunately, for me, I was right. Since I had already anticipated this, I had started researching concrete paints and settled on the Behr Solid Color Concrete Stain in Silver Gray.

I bought two gallons of the Behr Concrete Stain and two special paint rollers for rough surfaces. I also bought an extension pole to use with the roller. My back and knees are thanking me for that decision!

In addition, I pressure washed the entire space before painting to get rid of dirt and debris. Note: If you don’t own a pressure washer, you can always rent one from Home Depot.

A can of Behr concrete stain and a paint roller made for rough surfaces

The New Patio

An outdoor dining set with a red umbrella on a new patio

Voila! All the hard work was worth it. The silver gray color is also a lovely backdrop for the dining set and the other pops of color everywhere.

Barnsdale Teak 7-Piece Patio Dining Set on a new patio

Pink mums on a teak outdoor dining table top

An orange screen door next to a new patio

Speaking of color, I can’t have enough of it! I painted the patio door above the steps Coral Reef color matched using Behr. It’s so fun and unexpected!

A Sandbox on Wheels

Now the boys’ DIY sandbox on wheels can be outside instead of on the screened in porch. Clean up is now a breeze, and the boys absolutely love it. I cover it with a tarp when not in use to keep the sand nice and cool for them. You can see how to build this sandbox on wheels on my blog.

Two boys play in a DIY sandbox on wheels

Two boys play in a DIY sandbox on wheels

The Tabletop Grill

The Weber Portable Propane Tabletop Gas Grill is so easy convenient and easy to use! Clean up is a breeze and being the color lover that I am, that blue color has me swooning!

A Weber tabletop gas grill

The Potting Bench

My husband made this potting bench for me from wood we had left over from building our shed, with some additional wood pieces from The Home Depot. It’s now the perfect spot for the succulents and for me to pot and plant all my pretty flowers and plants. I love it!

A potting bench with potted succulents

The DIY Cart

This DIY cart I completed a while back also comes in handy on the patio.

On top, I place an oversized galvanized container filled with ice to keep juices cool and fresh for the boys. It’s also a great place to put some fruit. This way the boys don’t have to keep going back and forth and they stay hydrated while they play.

A DIY rolling serving cart

A beautifully decorated back patio

Potted Plants

I spruced up the garden beds by first placing down old newspapers and then dark brown mulch purchased from The Home Depot atop them throughout the beds. The newspaper is earth friendly and serves as a weed barrier.

I also accessorized with some of my favorite plants and flowers: cacti, geranium, etc.

You’ve probably noticed that I have quite a number of pots, especially terra cotta pots. I sprinkled them around our new patio to add color and warmth. The bright aqua ones were recently purchased from The Home Depot. There are still many waiting to be filled with pretty flowers and plants which will happen as the planting season progresses.

Geraniums in terra cotta pots

A cactus in a blue terra cotta pot

A Beautiful Outdoor Space

I love how the space turned out. It speaks to my tropical roots and my colorful personality. Most of all it’s the perfect space for our family to have fun and entertain our dear friends.

Two boys playing on a new patio

Tea lights on a teak outdoor dining table top

Photos by Lea Hartman Photography

Stacey Blake lives in North Carolina with her military spouse and two little boys, Zion and Ian. Besides being a mommy, Stacey enjoys blogging at Design Addict Mom, where she showcases her design work, current lifestyle trends, DIY projects, and adorable updates of her kiddos. She is also a styling and interior design correspondent for the local paper, The Fayetteville Observer.

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