Patio Design with Copper Garden Accents and Succulents

Patio Design with Copper Garden Accents and Succulents

Copper finishes are a decor trend these days, and they’re moving outdoors as garden accents. That’s a big reason why this patio design by Andrea Crawford Proctor of Couture House Interiors has so much warmth and character. The layout of the patio, split into two separate areas, is also almost like adding two extra rooms to her home.

Her patio design and makeover is part of our Patio Style Challenge series. We sent her a Home Depot outdoor furniture set to work with, and Andrea applied her impressive design skills to complete the patio makeover.

Andrea’s cozy and comfortable patio is a must see. The warmth of the copper accents, including some simple spray paint DIYs, really make her outdoor space special. And DO NOT miss her amazing succulent fountain; it’s ingenious.

A Cozy, Comfortable Patio Design

I’m an INTERIOR designer by trade, but I love the opportunity to turn my focus to the EXTERIOR on occasion! When designing outdoor living spaces for my clients, my approach has always been to treat them as an extension of the home… making outdoor spaces functional, comfortable, and cohesive with the interior design.

Digging up a yard for sewer repairs

My husband and I live in the most amazing little historic community in Macon, Georgia! Our neighbors have amazing outdoor spaces and someone is entertaining outside year round. I fell in love with our quaint little cottage immediately, but I never dreamed I could love a neighborhood so much!

Due to a busted sewer line, our yard looked like what you see above this until a month ago. Needless to say, we haven’t been hosting any porch parties… what a mess!

Despite all that, when I had the chance to participate in Home Depot’s Patio Style Challenge, I jumped at the opportunity! To say that we had our work cut out for us was an understatement, but I knew that this was just the motivation we needed to get this yard in tip top shape.

First order of business… build a flagstone patio!!! You can see how it came together in the images below. Get all the details about how we built our stone patio here.

Installing a flagstone patio

Two Patio Spaces

We wanted this space to be cozy and comfortable for daily use, and also have plenty of room for entertaining the whole neighborhood! When working on the layout of the patio, I incorporated two seating areas, separated by a dining table and green space.

Patio design sketch showing two outdoor seating areas

Patio Design with Copper Garden Accents and Succulents

A patio design that splits the space into two seating areas

The Patio Set

I chose the Hampton Bay Lynnfield 5-Piece Patio Chat Set from The Home Depot, it’s the perfect fit for both seating areas! I love the clean tailored lines of the furniture. The softness of the neutral cushions compliments our English cottage exterior, and it provides a great base for me to swap out color palettes with my accessories when the mood strikes… and trust me it will. ;)

Designer Andrea Crawford Proctor with her furry friend on her patio

I cannot believe how much use we have gotten out of this space already… it is like we have added a room onto our house!

Spring has sprung in Macon, Georgia, and the weather has been amazing lately! We’ve had dinner on the patio every single night since we finished it! We are absolutely loving the Lynnfield Chat Set. These chairs are so comfortable… as you can see they accommodate me and my 80 pound fur-baby with no problem! The large cocktail table is perfect for serving food, drinks, or kicking up your feet!

Mismatched vintage chairs on a beautifully designed patio

The dining table and my collection of mismatched vintage chairs are anchored by a Hampton Bay Indoor/Outdoor Area Rug. I selected a neutral color that wouldn’t compete with the beauty of the stone floor, and went with a bold geometric pattern to put an updated twist on this little cottage patio!

The Succulent Fountain

When it came time to select plants for the island dividing the two patio spaces, my goal was to keep it as low-maintenance as possible! I want to enjoy this space, not spend all of my time caring for the plants.

I love the rich texture and luscious green color of succulents, and you would be hard pressed to find a plant that is easier to care for… succulents it is! While shopping at my local Home Depot store I saw the Hampton Bay 2-Tier Cement Fountain and envisioned a cornucopia of lush green succulents spilling over the sides of each fountain tier like water!

We simply drilled holes in the bottom of each tier for drainage, filled the tiers with potting soil, added the plants and VOILA!!! The succulent fountain was an easy way to create visual impact in a small area! The lemon ball sedum planted below will spread quickly, creating a soft lime green ground cover like dense carpet under the fountain!

A garden fountain filled with succulents-- a succulent fountain

Layered Accessories

Like any well-dressed interior, layered accessories are what make an outdoor living space cozy and comfortable.

You may have picked up on the common thread of metallics woven throughout the patio. I must confess I have been a lover of all things shiny since I was a little girl, so I’m thrilled that metallics are so popular right now! For years I have been spraying anything that didn’t move with my favorite Rust-Oleum Specialty Metallic Gold Spray Paint! I’ve got big news folks… COPPER IS THE NEW GOLD!!! As you can see Rust-Oleum Specialty Metallic Copper Spray Paint is officially my new favorite color!

I “fussed out” the live edge table just as I would accessorize a living or dining room console. The Sunburst Mirror from Home Decorators Collection creates a handsome focal point surrounded by a grouping of stag horn ferns mounted on pallet wood with copper wire. Check out the Couture House Interiors blog to get all of the details on this easy DIY!

An outdoor brick wall with a sunburst mirror and succulents with an accent table in front

Original Art and Copper Garden Accents 

No room is complete without art, and this outdoor space was screaming for a splash of color! I adore these vibrant abstracts painted by Peggy Keys, a fabulous local artist.

She painted them on large sheets of wood rather than a canvas and sealed them with a special epoxy that will withstand the elements outdoors.

An outdoor dining area decorated with original art, string lights and copper accents

Copper finish accents decorating a patio

I was thrilled to find antique copper lanterns and a set of copper trays at The Home Depot.

A pair of gnomes even got hosed down with a little Rust-Oleum Specialty Metallic Paint to add an extra touch of whimsy.

(Not) Copper Planters

Last but definitely not least, my absolute favorite element in the entire makeover… the “copper” planters!

The new patio runs alongside our driveway, and we were searching for a solution to create division between the spaces without making the already narrow patio feel closed in. These cost effective containers were the perfect solution. They weren’t exactly pretty when I purchased them– they’re actually galvanized feeding troughs! But a little spray paint gave them a completely new look! Check out the details on my aged copper finish technique here!

Large copper-colored planters made from galvanized metal watering troughs

Patio Design with Copper Garden Accents

The Patio at Night

When the daylight fades, the soft glow of string lights sets the stage for a fabulous summer night with family, friends, and neighbors! We couldn’t be happier with our new patio, and I can’t wait to tackle my next project with The Home Depot!

Patio Design with Copper Garden Accents and Succulents-- at Night

Photos by Ashah Smith Photography

Andrea Crawford is an interior designer who writes about style and design on her blog Couture House Interiors. She lives in Macon, Georgia.

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