Patio Decorating Ideas for Entertaining and Family Fun

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Patio Decorating Ideas for Entertaining and Family Fun

These patio decorating ideas will help you create an outdoor space that is great for entertaining guests or just enjoying time outdoors with the kids. This is a contribution to our Patio Style Challenge series by Jennifer Lippi of Decorating Delirium. We sent Jennifer a new patio set to help launch Jennifer’s excellent patio decor ideas.

Jennifer makes full use of her patio, including a lovely conservatory-inspired lounging area near her swimming pool. You wouldn’t know it by looking, but the poolside decor is also a clever way she came up with the hide some weathered stucco. You’ll also see her ingenious repurposing of a classic sunburst mirror.

And then there are the giant inflatable swans.

There truly is something for everyone in Jennifer’s patio decorating ideas.

A Relaxing Patio with Whimsy

I am beyond excited to be part of the Patio Style Challenge this year and have been dying to share my reveal with someone, anyone, who will listen. It has been a dream come true getting to update our space and make it the perfect place for our family to spend quality time together. Welcome!

When we first started dreaming up this space, I had several goals in mind. It gets VERY hot in the part of California where we live, so I wanted to create a lounge space where adults could relax and feel a breeze while the kids swim in our pool. I also wanted to create multiple seating arrangements to allow friends and family to socialize when we entertain. Last but not least, as we have a five-year old and a three-year old, I wanted the space to be fun and whimsical.

The Patio Before the Makeover

Here is our empty and very blank slate.

A bare patio ready for a makeover

Poolside area before receiving a makeover

Patio Ready for Entertaining and Family Fun

Patio Decorating Ideas for Entertaining and Family Fun

Patio Decorating Ideas for Entertaining and Family Fun

The Patio Set

We chose the Edington Patio Sectional with an ottoman and swivel rocker lounge chairs.

I have to tell you, I was tickled pink when we took this set out of the box. It had such a beautiful finish and was so well crafted and sturdy. I chose the Parchment slipcovers for the cushions because I felt it was neutral and we could swap out the pillows and create an entirely new look whenever we tire of the old ones.

Pillows with pops of pink, coral and green on a neutral outdoor seating set

We used pillows with pops of pink, coral and green to make a statement against the neutral fabric. With the harsh heat we experience in the summer, a patio umbrella was a must. We chose the Push Up Patio Umbrella in Pear. To add a whimsical detail, I sewed on long tassels that hang loosely from each corner of the umbrella.

 Sunburst Mirror

Flowers displayed on a sunburst mirror lying on an outdoor ottoman

Since I first saw the Martha Stewart Living sunburst mirror, I knew I had to incorporate it into our space somewhere. I considered hanging it in my covered lounge area, but it was too small for the wall space. However, creative inspiration came to the rescue. I had set the mirror down on the Edington ottoman to ponder where to hang it, and it was love at first sight.

The sunburst mirror turned into a decorative object. I wouldn’t have had it any other way!!

White Lattice Wall Covering

We have a nice overhang from our garage that provides a shaded area overlooking our pool. We had never really furnished it and it was somewhat neglected. I envisioned this new space serving as a lounge area for me where I could read a book and sip on lemonade while I watch our kids swim. The space is also close enough to dive in and rescue a novice swimmer should the need arise!

However, the stucco on the walls of the space was weathered, cracked and was becoming an eyesore.

White lattice wall covering in a smartly decorated poolside lounging area

White lattice and flowers decorate a poolside lounging area

A conservatory-inspired patio with white lattice and orchids

My quick fix was to cover the wall with white lattice from The Home Depot in order to cover the stucco and create an indoor/outdoor feel.

The lattice created instant architecture-to-ground the space. I wanted it to evoke the feel of a conservatory or greenhouse. I have a tutorial for securing lattice to stucco on Decorating Delirium, so check it out. It might just save you from a divorce should you attempt such a project!

Outdoor Accessories

An old vanity serves as a beverage table on a redecorated patio

We also kept finding things from around our home that made wonderful additions to the patio. In fact, one of my tips for decorating an outdoor space is to bring your indoor furniture out. For example, we used an old vanity we had sitting around to use as a table to set out drinks and appetizers.

A chaise lounge on a nicely decorated outdoor lounging area

A chaise lounge with colorful pillows on a decorated patio lounge area

We also used a chaise lounge from our daughter’s room.

I have to say, the ultimate luxury in this space is the Home Decorator’s Collection Tropicasa ceiling fan. No more 90-degree afternoons for us! Now our outdoor space truly feels like an extension of our home.

Home Depot cast stone garden stools painted chartreuse

A poolside seating area

The final seating area I was able to create incorporates The Home Depot’s cast stone garden stools. I adore these stools, and actually wrote about them here on Decorating Delirium. They come in a lovely ivory color, but since my furniture was all white, I spray painted them a bright chartreuse for a pop of color. They are so beautiful, we will likely bring them inside after the summer is over.

If you are wondering what the structure holding the towels is, it is a towel tree. You can make one yourself! Just follow the towel tree tutorial on my blog.

Patio and Pool Fun for the Kids

Little girl plays on a DIY hopscotch mat

A little girl plays hopscotch on a DIY mat

In order to incorporate some old-fashioned fun into our space, we created this DIY hopscotch mat so our girls can hopscotch whenever their little hearts desire. Take a look at the tutorial for this hopscotch mat on my blog.

A little girl plays on an over-sized inflatable swan

A little girl floats on a giant inflatable pool swan

Two little girls float on over-sized inflatable swan pool toys

A little girl has fun floating on a giant inflatable swan

Finally, what space would be complete without a set of over-sized inflatable pool swans? When our girls tire of splashing, diving and cannonballing (is that a word?), they can lounge on these beauties. My girls are in LOVE with these swans and have affectionately named then Anna and Elsa (anyone else sooo tired of these two??).

Jennifer Lippi of Design Delirium and her husband grill dinner on her beautifully decorated patio

A little girl plays hopscotch on her patio

Backyard Barbecue

After all of the hard work of putting the patio together, we planned a family swim night and barbecue to enjoy our new space.

We were so blessed to do this in March. While most of the East coast was covered in snow, my kids were in the pool! My husband, the official grill master of the family, grilled up some tasty burgers on our new KitchenAid gas grill and the girls hopscotched their hearts out.

Jennifer Lippi of Design Delirium relaxes on her beautifully decorated patio

I truly hope you have enjoyed the tour of our new and improved backyard! We have already spent countless hours enjoying it. It was such a wonderful experience working with the team at The Home Depot. We are beyond thrilled with the Edington set and the other amazing products from The Home Depot. I hope that you feel inspired to create something new in your outdoor space this spring, and I would love to hear from you at Decorating Delirium!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to Danielle Alysse Photography for the beautiful images featured in this post.

Jennifer Lippi blogs over at Decorating Delirium where she says she attempts to quench her champagne tastes with a beer budget. She believes that with enough creativity and can-do spirit, everyone can enjoy great interior design. She is an avid bargain hunter, DIYer and thrift store junkie. Jennifer lives in sunny Northern California with her husband, two young daughters Charlotte and Audrey, and her Yorkie Blue.

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