Easy Ideas to Freshen Up Your Outdoor Living Space

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Easy Ideas to Freshen Up Your Outdoor Living Space

This outdoor living space really is just like a living room, but outside. As you’ll see, Eden Passante of Sugar and Charm pretty much started from scratch in styling this outdoor living room– an empty cement patio, and not much else.

This patio makeover is part of our Patio Style Challenge series here on The Home Depot Blog. Eden picked out an outdoor furniture set from The Home Depot, and then got to work turning her patio into something special.

And special it is! She makes full use of her outdoor living space, filling it with comfort and greenery– a delightful spot for outdoor entertaining or just some quiet time outside.

Creating an Outdoor Living Room

We’ve been slowly remodeling and fixing up our home since we bought it almost two years ago. We had really good intentions of fixing our outdoor living space right away and then quickly realized, like most first time home buyers, we couldn’t do it all at once. Just like a bunch of other things, the backyard had to wait. So, I was extremely excited to team up with The Home Depot to turn our terribly bland patio into what I like to call a “second living room!” We’re absolutely loving our patio makeover and I can’t wait to continue embellishing it to make it perfect for us.

A bare patio before a makeover

Mill Valley Patio Sectional in an outdoor living space

The goal in making over our outdoor living space was to add a little life into a very trite, concrete patio area, brick wall and a strange rock garden that was there before we moved in, ha!

Since the patio is fairly large, I knew I wanted an outdoor sectional to help fill up some of the space. I also wanted the area to be nice for entertaining and comfortably seat a good amount of people so we can have dinner outside.

The Patio Sectional

We selected the Mill Valley Patio Sectional and absolutely love it.

It came with an awesome ottoman that I decided to put in a different area of the patio for extra seating. I plan on moving it under our oak tree once the yard is finished. Instead of the ottoman by the couch, I wanted a hard surface to place food and drinks on, so I used a vintage coffee table we had and protected it with a sealer.

Easy Ideas to Freshen Up Your Outdoor Living Space by Eden Passante of Sugar and Charm

Mill Valley Patio Sectional on a beautifully decorated patio

Outdoor throw pillows on a patio sectional

The Outdoor Console

An outdoor console was a must, especially since I love to entertain! We had an old one, so we sanded it and painted it using outdoor paint by Behr in the color Nature’s Reflection.

I’m storing outdoor glasses, some copper mugs for Moscow mules, napkins, matches and some gardening tools in it. The bottom works perfectly to hold wood off the ground for our fire pit in the summer.

A refinished outdoor console

Potted Plants

Since it was such a stark concrete area, I knew it was going to take a lot of potted plants, succulents, trees and flowers to create a lush atmosphere. So I used pots to layer different plants, colors and flowers to add depth to our outdoor living space.

We also removed the random rocks and planted a variety of palms in that area, which helped break up the concrete patio. We’re also in the process of creating a green landscape in the back as well, which I’m excited about. Here in Southern California, water shortage is something we constantly have to think about, so it will be great to continue that water-saving renovation.

Potted plants layered in different colors and sizes to add depth to an outdoor living space

Succulents in a tall planter

Ponytail palm in an outdoor living space

A succulent garden in a vintage box

Succulent garden in a vintage box

To dress up the coffee table, I wanted to create an arrangement that would last! Something that would always shine and I wouldn’t have to change out when guests come over… So I created a succulent garden in a vintage box I found at a thrift shop. It’s low maintenance and stays green!

Easy Ideas to Freshen Up Your Outdoor Living Space

Easy Ideas to Freshen Up Your Outdoor Living Space

Easy Ideas to Freshen Up Your Outdoor Living Space, from Eden Passante and The Home Depot

We’re beyond excited with our new outdoor living space and can’t wait to finish the rest of our yard this year!

Eden posted more photos and a few more details on her outdoor living space on her blog. Take a look.

Eden Passante founded her blog Sugar and Charm in early 2010 to share her passion for sweet recipes, hosting inspiration and easy ways to add charm to the daily life. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband and darling baby boy, Romeo.

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