New Year, Fresh Start

Ashley Basnight

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Ashley Basnight from Handmade Haven shares ways to get organized at home as we head into the new year. Read the post to find out more!

New Year, Fresh Start

The new year is always that time of year whereI feel like I can set aside time and get organized and today I’m sharing two ways on how I jump start the new year in my home.

Holiday Organization

Once the new year rolls around, it’s time to take all of those holiday decorations down and get them put away for the next holiday season. I used this Tough Storage Tote to house all of my Christmas decorations. Its constructed of heavy plastic so I have no worries that it can stand the test of time and keep my holiday décor safe.

The bin features a snap on lid that makes it easy to secure on and carry around. I especially love these storage totes because they come in all different sizes, so whether you have a big Christmas tree or some smaller décor, these bins work perfectly. I opted to use the 55-gallon bin for all of my Christmas décor so I could keep it all together.

With all of the holiday décor piling up these days, there’s no chance it will fit in the house anymore, so I decided to put one of these Husky Steel Garage Storage Shelving Units in the garage to hold all of my storage bins. It was very easy to assemble and a great way to add some extra storage.

It features wire shelves that are customizable to fit any size bins or products you want to have and each shelf will support up to 1500 lbs. I’m pretty sure I don’t have any holiday décor that heavy but I feel good knowing that all of my holiday décor is safely put.

Pantry Organization

The holiday décor isn’t the only thing that can pile up on you. When the new year rolls around, I always take the time to clean out my pantry. With the busyness of life, it’s easy to let food pile up and the new year is the perfect time to get reorganized.

To help me get a little more organized. I decided to use these wire baskets to hold my fruits and vegetables, these wire baskets are both functional and stylish and were the perfect addition for my pantry.

I also added in this can storage to help organize my cans, a much better way to organize them than stacking the cans on top of each other. The wire shelving was easy to assemble and small enough to fit on my pantry shelves.

I used these nifty cereal containers and glass containers to create a more uniformed look in my pantry and to make it easier to get items such as cereal, rice, etc. Being able to use these containers instead of the boxes gives me more room to work with in my pantry and makes it look more organized.

I also used two black totes closer to the bottom of my pantry to help keep some of my other assorted items organized.

With a little help from these few items, I was able to get my pantry organized, my holiday décor put away and now I am ready for the new year.

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