Neutral Halloween Decor for the Fireplace Mantel

Aileen Allen

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Neutral Halloween Decor for the Fireplace Mantel

Halloween decor doesn’t have to be orange and black, or in-your-face spooky, for that matter. Aileen Allen, who writes At Home in Love, created a Halloween decor for her fireplace mantel in neutral colors and natural shapes and textures.

This is Aileen’s contribution to the Halloween Style Challenge here on The Home Depot Blog.

Her Halloween mantel decorations are understated and witty, but they make it clear Halloween is here.

Neutral Halloween Decor

To be honest, I haven’t done a lot of Halloween decorating in the past–mostly because zombies, bloody hands, and the like freak me out. But when The Home Depot invited me to participate in their Halloween Style Challenge, I thought it would be good for me to break out of my comfort zone and try something new!

I created a Halloween decor with a theme focusing on body parts. I kept it “classy” with a black, white, and neutral color palette. I’m really happy with how my Halloween mantel turned out! It’s just the right amount of creepy for me.

Neutral Halloween Decor for the Fireplace Mantel

My ideas came together pretty quickly, with the help of a few easy DIY projects and some Halloween essentials from The Home Depot–like this spooky candelabra. I used black chalkboard paint to update some items from around the house: a vase, some antlers, and mini faux pumpkins.

Then I mixed in some other black and white objects I already had–ceramic hands, a styrofoam head, and an old skeleton key.

Neutral Halloween Decor for the Fireplace Mantel

To go along with my body parts theme, I made an “eyeball” garland by painting some wooden beads and stringing them together. I mixed them in with plain wood beads so I wouldn’t have to paint too many eyeballs, and I put the extras into a lidded mason jar…because there’s nothing creepier than a jar of eyeballs, amiright?

Neutral Halloween Decor for the Fireplace Mantel

I wrapped my mirror with some fake spider web, and added some plastic spiders crawling over it.

Neutral Halloween Decor for the Fireplace Mantel

To add interest and vary the height of the objects on my mantel, I used stacks of paperback books (turned so that the spines weren’t showing). It’s an easy trick that you can use year-round!

Neutral Halloween Decor for the Fireplace Mantel

If you’re like me, keeping a neutral color palette and incorporating items that you already own (like books, vases, pumpkins, etc.) is a good way to dip your toes into decorating for Halloween without going full-blown scary. If you’ve never tried decorating for Halloween, I’d challenge you to give it a try this year, even if it’s just a subtle nod to the holiday. After all, it’s fun to have an excuse to redecorate and switch up your mantel!

Aileen Allen writes about design, lifestyle and DIY on her blog At Home in Love. She lives with her husband Ben in Seattle.

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