Modern Laundry Room Makeover

Tamara Cannon

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of Provident Home Design

Modern Laundry Room Makeover

This laundry room makeover addressed a whole list of flaws that kept the space from being pleasant and functional.

Tamara Cannon of Provident Home Design pretty much remade her laundry room, with fresh paint, new flooring, a new vanity and cabinets and even a new space for her cat’s litter box.

Tamara has the whole story of how her modern laundry room makeover unfolded.

Modern Laundry Room Makeover

Have you ever had a room in your home that you disliked so much that you avoided going into it? For me that room was my laundry room…that is until this makeover!

The Laundry Room Before the Makeover

Modern Laundry Room Makeover (Before)

I made a list of what wasn’t working in the space.

  1.  Drab paint color, paint color not well-suited for a room without windows
  2.  Dingy vinyl flooring that didn’t flow with the rest of the house
  3.  An old utility sink that ended up storing random items
  4.  A cat litter box in sight
  5.  Not enough cabinet storage
  6.  Outdated lighting
  7.  No place to hang my shirts to dry

Writing this list was crucial in helping me know what direction I wanted to take my laundry room makeover.

After going through and tackling each bullet on my list this is what I came up with!

The Laundry Room After the Makeover

Modern Laundry Room Makeover

Below is how I solved each bullet problem on my list and created a laundry room that is both functional and beautiful!


Modern Laundry Room Makeover (Before Painting, with a cat in the sink)

To lighten and brighten the space I painted the room with BEHR’s Marquee paint in the color Bistro White

Installing the Floors

For flooring, I decided to continue the same floors we have in our kitchen into our laundry room. We had several boxes of the engineered flooring left over from when we laid it down a couple of years ago.

Modern Laundry Room Makeover

But first we had to get the old flooring up. To do this I pried off the previous baseboards with a screwdriver and hammer.

Modern Laundry Room Makeover

Then, pulled out the vinyl flooring and ripped up the underlayment with a crowbar and mallot.

Modern Laundry Room Makeover

Afterwards, there were staples left in the subfloor which I got rid of by hammering them down.

Modern Laundry Room Makeover -- New Flooring

Next, we laid down The Home Depot’s underlayment and nailed in the engineered hardwood flooring The specific flooring I used has been discontinued, but this natural walnut engineered hardwood flooring is very similar.

Replacing the Sink and Vanity

Abbotsford Bathroom Vanity in Graphite from The Home Depot

In the process of taking out the old flooring we also took out the old utility sink and replaced it with this beautiful Abbotsford Bathroon Vanity from The Home Depot.

Modern Laundry Room Makeover

I love the elegant look of it as well as the useful drawer space. This particular vanity comes with the cultured marble top, a matching mirror, and some knobs and pulls.

I wanted my knobs and pulls to match the new cabinets I would be installing so I bought new ones for it.

Dorset Bathroom Faucet from The Home Depot

Even though I really liked the mirror it came with, I found a super chic mirror for a great deal so used that instead.

The faucet is The Home Depot’s Dorset Bathroom Faucet in chrome. I love it’s elegant, modern feel.

I installed the same faucet in my powder bath makeover a couple of years ago and it has done a beautiful job for a great price!

Cleaning Up After the Cat

One of the reasons I wanted a vanity instead of another utility sink was to hide the cat’s litter box.

Because of where the water lines were I knew I would have to place the vanity five inches from the wall. This would give the cat space to go behind the vanity and climb into its litter box located in the vanity.

Choosing the Cabinets

The cabinets we had in our laundry room before were cabinets we took from our garage to replace the basic builder grade rack above the washer and dryer.

Modern Laundry Room Makeover

The cabinets were short, and one door wouldn’t close all of the way.

To increase storage space I decided to replace them with longer cabinets, as well as add a two skinnier cabinets on top horizontally for a more custom look.

Modern Laundry Room Makeover

Let me let you in on a little money-saving secret! If you need cabinetry at a great price go with The Home Depot’s unfinished cabinetry. They have a beautiful selection of unfinished cabinetry and for amazingly good prices.

Don’t know how to paint cabinets? No worries, I’m going to share my tried and true method right now!

Painting the Cabinets

Modern Laundry Room Makeover -- Paint

First lightly sand the cabinets with fine grit sand paper. You can do this by hand or with an electric sander.

Modern Laundry Room Makeover -- Sanding Unfinished Cabinets

If you are painting your cabinets white, I would recommend first using a primer. Be sure to visit The Home Depot’s paint desk to ask which primer will work best with the Alkyd Semi-Gloss Enamel.

You will apply the primer and enamel in the same way as explained below.

Modern Laundry Room Makeover -- Priming for Painting Unfinished Cabinets

Simply roll your roller into the paint (rolling off the excess paint) and then roll it onto the outside sashes of the front doors.

Modern Laundry Room Makeover -- Priming for Painting Unfinished Cabinets

Get more paint on your roller if needed, and paint the inside panels of the doors.

Quickly take the trim brush and spread the paint into the inner corners of the door.

Modern Laundry Room Makeover

The goal of the first and subsequent coats of paint is to get a thin but complete coverage.

Modern Laundry Room Makeover

After doing one coat on the door fronts move to the back of the doors and complete the whole door.

Modern Laundry Room Makeover -- Painting Unfinished Cabinets

Next with the roller move on to the apron of the cabinetry and finally the sides (and top and bottom if you choose to paint them).

Modern Laundry Room Makeover -- Caulking Cabinet Seams

Wait a couple of hours in between coats.

Before painting your last coat look for spaces in between the inside of the fronts and sashes of your cabinets doors (as shown above).

Fill the spaces with painter’s caulk.

I have found that the number of coats it takes really depends on the color you are painting and what you are painting. For example, I didn’t use a primer with my white paint so it took four coats. However, I’ve used the same paint to paint our kid’s bathroom vanity green and it took only two coats with no primer.

I would wait at least 24 hours before installing the cabinets after finishing the last coat of paint.

Installing the Cabinets

The cabinets come with instructions for installing the cabinets.

To be honest I didn’t read them because I already had in mind how I was going to hang them. Feel free to read them and use the “right” method!

My husband and I installed them by first locating the studs in the wall with a stud finder and marking with tape where they were.

Then we decided where we wanted the bottom of the cabinets to hang and hung the top of a 2 x 3 horizontally at that mark.

Modern Laundry Room Makeover -- Installing Cabinets

The 2 x 3 is used to carry the weight of the cabinets while we screw them in so it is very important to use a level to make sure the 2 x 3 is completely level. If the 2 x 3 is not level the cabinets won’t be level.

Next, we placed the first set of cabinets up on top of the 2 x 3, and while I pushed the cabinet up against the wall my husband made a pilot hole and drilled a 3-inch wood screw into the back of the cabinet at the place where we had marked a stud in the wall was located.

Modern Laundry Room Makeover -- Installing Cabinets

Modern Laundry Room Makeover -- Installing Cabinets

We drilled three screws into each cabinet making sure that they all were screwed into studs in the wall.

Modern Laundry Room Makeover -- Installing Cabinets

After installing the two lower cabinets we placed the skinnier cabinets horizontally on top of them and screwed them in with two screws.

Finishing the Cabinets

Once the cabinets are painted and installed it’s time to pretty them up!

To help the cabinets appear seamless with one another apply paint in the “cracks” where the cabinetry meet (if you painted the cabinets white you can use white caulk instead).

With Liquid Nails, I added trim to the side of the cabinets where the bottom and top cabinets met and where the cabinets met the wall to give it a more finished look.

Modern Laundry Room Makeover

Modern Laundry Room Makeover

I added hardware to the cabinets by marking with a pencil where I want the hardware to go and then drilling holes at the pencil marks and screwing in the knobs and pulls.

Voila! You are done!

Sit back and admire your beautiful cabinetry!

Modern Laundry Room Makeover

The backsplash I installed is Linea Stone Mesh-Mounted Mosaic Tile from The Home Depot.

Replacing the Lighting

Stella Mira 3-Light Brushed Nickel Pendant

I replaced the outdated lighting in our laundry room with the Stella Mira 3-light Pendant. It is gorgeous and is a steal at The Home Depot!

I replaced the other light in the room with a Halo recessed light. It is awesome because it hooks up to most junction boxes so you don’t have to get in the attic to install it like some recessed lights.

It is also LED so it will last for years!

Installing InstaHanger

Lastly I found the perfect solution for hanging my shirts to dry that doesn’t take a lot of space (I had been hanging my wet shirts to dry over my kitchen table chairs which was not ideal at all.)


It is called the InstaHanger. It hangs from the wall closed when not in use, but when needed, just pull the cover up, and a rod comes down.

It’s an ingenious invention, and I’m so glad I found it!

I am very pleased with how our laundry room makeover turned out and hope this post gave you some helpful ideas that will come in handy in your home!

Make your laundry room makeover complete with a new washer and dryer from The Home Depot.