Make a Simple DIY Black Pipe Light Fixture in One Afternoon

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Simple DIY Black Pipe Light Fixture

You’ve probably seen desk lamps made of pipe, but here’s a very cool DIY black pipe light fixture you can hang from your ceiling. Alexi Politis of Seeking Alexi created this pipe project for us, and she says you can build the pipe light fixture in just one afternoon.

I have to be honest, I was super intimidated before starting this pipe project, I’d never really done any electric work before. But, I’m happy to say that not only was it a lot easier than I thought, but it was way easier than I thought it would be! You can easily accomplish this in a few hours, especially if you follow these easy step-by-step instructions!

Materials for Simple DIY Black Pipe Light Fixture


Building the Pipe Light Fixture

Simple DIY Black Pipe Light Fixture

Step 1: Screw together the coupling and bushings, then spray them with the matte black spray paint to match the pretty LDR pipe pieces.

Simple DIY Black Pipe Light Fixture

Step 2: Place the sockets inside.

Simple DIY Black Pipe Light Fixture

Step 3: Cut both your 10 ft. wires in fourths, and attach them to their respective wires using your fingers or pliers.

Make it tight!

Simple DIY Black Pipe Light Fixture

Step 4: Cut your plastic tubes in half, and slip one over the copper wiring.

Simple DIY Black Pipe Light Fixture

Step 5: Use a hair dryer, lighter or match to shrink wrap the copper.

Step 6: Repeat Steps 3, 4 and 5 for the three other sockets.

Step 7: Twist all your pipes together!

Step 8: Screw in those amazing LED Cree light bulbs and you’re done!

THAT’S IT!! I’m telling you, it was so simple!!

Installing Pipe Light Fixture

First thing’s first, before you take down your existing light, TURN OFF THE POWER TO THAT ROOM, MAKE SURE IT IS OFF! And, if you’re not confident in this step, get some help.

I enlisted my boyfriend which was VERY helpful because that pipe light is heavy!!

Then, to attach the pipe light fixture to the ceiling, I personally wanted to use a wood mount because it matches my decor. So to hang my pipe light, I basically attached held the pipe light close to the ceiling wires, and attached the wires through the wood mount I used.

Attach the wires using plastic wire caps, the smallest that you can get away with. Then I attached the wood mount to the plastic and metal mount (the one that’s inside your ceiling that your previous light was attached to). Then I attached my pipe light to the wood! All in all, this is an easy step, but it might take some patience since the pipe light is so heavy.

In just an afternoon, you can replace your drab standard light to this cute and stylish one!

ONE MORE THING, A GIVEAWAY! I’m also excited to announce that I’m giving my pipe light fixture and LDR hooks to one lucky reader!!!!! To enter the contest and see giveaway details, head over to my blog!

Simple DIY Black Pipe Light Fixture

Thank you to The Home Depot, Cree, and LDR for being such incredible companies to work with!!

Find materials for this pipe light fixture in our Pipe and Fittings, Lamp Accessories, and our LED Light Bulbs sections at The Home Depot. Follow our Projects Using Pipe board on Pinterest for more pipe fitting projects and ideas.