Make Camping Glamorous with These Glamping Accessories

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Inside a yurt - glamping accessories for your next adventure

While camping is a fun summer tradition, not all of us love to rough it. Between mosquitoes, heat, and the lack of cell phone service, camping out in the great wilderness isn’t for everyone. But with a few luxuries, you can turn a state park campsite into a comfortable, relaxed, outdoor retreat.

So that’s why there’s “glamping” — camping made glamorous. And it’s high time you tried it. With that in mind, here are some of our best glamping accessories to make your camping trip a luxurious experience.


It may seem excessive, but taking along some comfy elements like clean white sheets, throw pillows, and even a cushy rug can help give a basic campsite a cozy, luxurious feel.

Inside a yurt before and after adding glamping accessories

This state park yurt came with a rustic bunk bed, a basic mattress on the top, and a futon mattress on the bottom. While it sure beats a sleeping bag on the ground, we wanted our campsite to be a place we enjoy spending the weekend. By dressing the bunk bed with crisp linens and some comfy throw pillows, we created a restful retreat that makes crashing after a long hike that much sweeter.

Glamping accessories - bed canopy with pillows, lanterns, candles

If you aren’t much of an outdoors person, take along your favorite sleeping pillow and a clean set of sheets.

Poufs are perfect for a glamping trip because they are so versatile

 Three large poufs add a warmth to this state park yurt

Perhaps it’s a bit excessive to suggest taking along three large poufs while you’re camping, but we found that they can be quite versatile! Multitasking as a luggage rack, ottoman and seats, we used the poufs all over our campsite.

Poufs are a versatile addition to any campsite. Here, we used them as an ottoman for the futon.

In addition to using fluffy throw pillows inside our campsite, we also brought them out during the day to give a camp cot (the Coleman Ridgeline III Cot) the feel of a day bed. This made for a comfy spot to enjoy the sunshine or a place to sit while the cook is working over the grill.

Pair a camp cot with outdoor pillows to create a daybed at your campsite


Solar lanterns and LED candles are glamping accessories that give a state park yurt a warm glow

 LED pillar candles and mercury glass solar lanterns illuminate a yurt after hours

Even if you’re camping the old-fashioned way, you’ll need to take lighting in the form of flashlights with you. On a glamping trip, however, we recommend taking LED pillar candles and solar lanterns. They not only serve a functional purpose but create a cozy ambiance as well.

Solar lanterns and LED candles are glamping accessories that give a state park yurt a warm glow

These LED pillar candles come in a pack of three and are a great way to add some chic to your camp-out. They turn on and off with a simple switch, and you won’t have to worry about anything catching fire if you wander off on a moonlit stroll.

Give a campsite dining spot a soft glow with solar lanterns and LED candles

Solar lanterns are glamping accessories that are an easy way to light up a glamping trip

Solar lanterns create a warm glow around a campsite

In addition to LED pillar candles, solar lanterns are an easy win. Just take them outside during the day to charge them up, then bring them in once the sun starts to set. These vintage silver art glass solar lanterns give off a warm glow, and they also have a pretty finish in daylight. To make an even bigger impact, take one of these Black Decorative Solar Lanterns along with you!


For some, one of the biggest reasons camping can seem like a drag is that you don’t always have the comforts of home. There’s no air conditioning, you have to sleep in a foreign bed — if you have a bed at all — and you don’t have the creature comforts of your own space. But if you’re on a glamping trip, go ahead and pack a few extra things that will make you feel at home, like your softest sheets, your favorite coffee blend, or your coziest slippers.

Oscillating fan inside a yurt for is a good glamping accessory

An oscillating fan (we’re partial to this copper adjustable fan) is any easy way to cool off your space, plus the buzzing sound is soothing.

A tray with a French press and LED candles are glamping accessories for your trip

Or perhaps you’re a coffee-lover? Pack your favorite blend and a French press or teapot! It’s easy enough to boil water on the fire, and you won’t miss out on your morning indulgence.


Meals are one of the best parts of a camping trip. They give you and your fellow scouts the opportunity to sit around and enjoy each other’s company. Since you’ll be feasting together, take along a few fun ways to set your table.

A few simple accessories like succulent centerpieces and placesettings for your glamping picnic table

We used vintage silver art glass solar lanterns, a couple of potted succulents, and a basic white tablecloth to create a simple centerpiece for our picnic table.

A pretty table setting with mercury glass lanterns - glaming accessories

The centerpiece looks chic and simple during the day, but the lanterns begin to glow at night. It’s a perfect setting for those leisurely dinners that last into the wee hours.

These mercury glass solar lanterns are perfect for an outdoor table setting


Entrance to yurt with adirondack chairs and Ridgid Jobsite Radio

 An acrylic garden stool, colorful Adirondack chair, and greenery give the front porch of this yurt curb appeal

Taking off to the great outdoors for an adventure? This is a great time to unplug from the hustle and bustle of fast-paced life. But who says you have to unplug completely? Amp up the fun by taking along your favorite playlist!

The Ridgid Jobsite Radio is perfect for a glamping trip. It can run on a battery or be plugged in, and it plays both an mp3 player or the radio!

We relied on the Ridgid Jobsite Radio to keep the music playing whether we were out on the dock, relaxing outside, or in the state park yurt. It’s perfect for a glamping trip because it can run on a battery or be plugged in, and it plays both an mp3 player or the radio!

These are just a few of the ways you can turn a camping trip into a glamping trip. If you’re not quite Daniel Boone when it comes to heading into the wilderness, keep these glamping accessories in mind. And if you are a rugged outsdoorsman or -woman, use these as enticements to encourage your indoorsy friends to try a weekend next to the lake.

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