Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing Query Prompts Gorgeous Before and After Photos

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A gorgeous kitchen after using the Rust-Oleum Cabinet Transformation Kit

Here’s a demonstration of how much good, useful information, inspiration and moral support you’ll find on The Home Depot’s Community Forums. A fairly basic question about kitchen cabinet refinishing. The reader wanted to know the easiest way to repaint some old kitchen cabinets, and it resulted in a very active topic on the Forums, and some striking before-and-after photos of a beautiful kitchen re-do.

It started when Community member Jenhangan asked for advice on his plans to remodel a vintage kitchen:

The kitchen in the house I bought hasn’t been remodeled since the house was built in the 1900s!!! We can’t afford to gut it and redo it right now, so I’m looking to freshen up the cabinets. There is some wear and tear on the cabinets so I would like to make them darker. I want the frames black and the cabinets doors/drawer a cherry or walnut color with a textured look.

I have no idea where to start. I am on a budget, and I am doing this on my own. Do I need to sand the old paint off? (Please, please, please say no.)

Forums associate Christine Claret assured Jenhangan he probably doesn’t need to sand the old paint off, as long as the old paint isn’t chipping, peeling or flaking off. Then came the recommendation that might save Jenhangan a lot of time and trouble: Consider using a Rust-Oleum Cabinet Transformation Kit:

This would be a great alternative to painting your cabinets and drawers. Since you are wanting to have two different colors, painting the frames black would be most ideal and then you can use this kit for the door and drawers.

The kit includes everything that you need to cover 100 square feet. There is a deglosser included, so no need to prime the cabinets or drawers if you use this kit. I have heard many positive things about this kit and the durability of it is pretty awesome. There is also a glaze included in the kit that may give the texture you are looking for.

That’s when Community member SpongeBobsMom chimed in with her experience using a Rust-Oleum Cabinet Transformation Kit. And she got a big response when she posted some photos to show off the results in her kitchen after painting them Rust-Oleum’s Espresso color from the “Dark Color” kit:

It is time consuming (took me 5 weekends, but I ONLY worked on them on the weekends… if you can do some at night during the week, it will speed the process up because a lot of the time is waiting time), but the instructions are easy to follow and it doesn’t take a lot of hard physical work. …

I [did have a problem with] the glaze looking streaky. A Home Depot Forums associate here told me to use a foam brush instead of a bristle brush, and it worked wonderfully! In fact, I used a foam brush on the final top coating step too, as I had seen on here that many people had problems with bubbles…. the foam brush didn’t cause any bubbles.

Take a look at her kitchen. The final results are at the top of this page. And though the “before” kitchen is certainly attractive, there’s no denying the “after” kitchen is a showcase.

Kitchen before cabinets were repainted

We’re so happy SpongeBobsMom posted the before and after photos of her kitchen re-do. You can see them in our I Did This section of the Forums, where Home Depot customers show off their DIY projects.

We LOVE to see photos of your home improvement projects. If you’re about to start a project, take a few shots, and then shoot some more once you’re done. Then post them on the Forums, and share your experiences and product recommendations.

There’s a very helpful list of frequently asked questions about Cabinet Transformations on the Rust-Oleum website. Take a look at that for more information. And, of course, don’t hesitate to ask a Home Depot associate for advice or recommendations on using this product.

Check out this video about using Cabinet Transformations, too.

You can find Cabinet Transformations and everything you’ll for the project in The Home Depot’s Paint Department.

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