Kinda’ Spooky Halloween Front Porch Ideas

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Kinda' Spooky Halloween Front Porch Ideas

How can someone who loves Halloween never decorate her front porch for the occasion? That’s the case for DIYer extraordinaire Darnetha Myers of ChippaSunshine fame. These awesome, kinda spooky Halloween front porch ideas might not have happened if it weren’t for our Halloween Style Challenge here on The Home Depot Blog.

We sent Darnetha a mystery box of Halloween decorations for her front porch, and she came up with one of the most inventive Halloween displays we’ve seen. The best part: She shares her simple DIYs for the cool effects she created. (Don’t miss her levitating candelabra.)

Halloween Front Porch Ideas

Fall is one of our most favorite seasons! The crisp breeze, leaves turning brilliant hues, pumpkin patches, baking, bonfires. Amongst all of those, the kids and I love to plan and come up with clever costumes. Gearing up for a night of trick-or-treating and candy eating is definitely a fall favorite. But one thing we have never, ever done was to decorate for Halloween, aside from our carved pumpkins and a wreath.

When the kids found out that we were given the opportunity to decorate for Halloween they were stoked! Knowing that my Style Challenge assignment was an outdoor space, I knew immediately that we would decorate the front porch for Halloween.

On that one night with ghost and goblins, princesses and ninja turtles running house to house, knocking on doors screaming ‘trick-or-treat, smell my feet,’ the Halloween front porch is the most happening spot and I wanted mine to shine!

Front Porch Makeover

Before I start any decorating process, I always take a good look around and assess the area. My front porch was looking a bit rough. Some might say it was perfect for Halloween in its natural state, but I wanted to clean it up not only for my Halloween front porch ideas, but also for fall and the long haul.

I started out by painting the concrete porch and steps, like I did for my back porch. I replaced the outdoor light with a motion-sensing fixture. That was money well spent. It automatically comes on at dusk and shuts off at daybreak, only to turn on when someone walks in my yard.

Front Porch Makeover

If you look closely you can see that the left porch post was warped, and this is the second time this has happened, so we opted to replace them both with 6 x 6s. I painted them Night Blooming Jasmine by Behr. The flower beds were reshaped and a fresh layer of brown mulch added.

Now the porch looks good for any given day and is a perfect backdrop for my spooky Halloween décor.

The Front Porch Decorated for Halloween

Once I found out the contents of my mystery boxes, the planning process began. I wanted my porch relatively free from décor and open so several kids could run up at once to collect candy and not trip on decorations. I received several spooky elements and decided to tone it down with a few whimsical DIYs. I wanted all my DIYs to be simple with as few steps as possible, where anyone would feel that they could accomplish them.

Kinda' Spooky Halloween Front Porch Ideas

Kinda' Spooky Halloween Front Porch Ideas

Bat Stenciled Rug Tutorial

Step 1

Purchase a low-pile indoor/outdoor carpet, the pay-by-the-foot kind (in some cases, called roll runners) located in the flooring section at The Home Depot. The associates there will gladly cut the length for you, and they can cut it down further, based on your project. I had mine cut to a 3 x 5 rug. I chose the Elevations Carpet in sky gray.

Bat Stenciled Rug Tutorial

Step 2

Using a stencil and fabric paint of your choice, stencil your rug using the dry-brush stippling method, making sure to dab off any excess paint. Tap your brush over your stencil and onto your rug in an up and down motion. Repeat until entire rug is covered in your graphic design.

Step 3

Let dry completely.

To play up the bat rug, I thought bats flying across the door would look fantastic! I cut out 21 bats in two different sizes using this template from Country Living. I cut the shape out on stiffened black felt. You can find this type of felt at any craft store.

Fold a sheet of felt in half, place the cut out template on the fold and trace along the edges. Cut out and hang bats on house and door using duct tape.

Kinda' Spooky Halloween Front Porch Ideas Kinda' Spooky Halloween Front Porch Ideas

Alfred, my skeleton butler, is serving up some super cute treat bags made from a canvas drop cloth and stamped with orange dots.

Little Details

To amp up the spook factor, I added a black bird nestled on top of one of the pumpkins, a furry spider climbing out of the flower pot, and a levitating candelabra.

If you would like to recreate the levitating candelabra, it’s a regular household candle holder with flameless candlesticks strung up to the porch ceiling and house with fishing line. This was by far my favorite design element.

Kinda' Spooky Halloween Front Porch Ideas Kinda' Spooky Halloween Front Porch Ideas

Kinda' Spooky Halloween Front Porch Ideas

A cute way to tell children to only take one treat bag or piece of candy is by using a chalkboard sign traced with the words ‘Beware Only Take 001.’ To fill up any empty spaces on the porch, I added various sizes of pumpkins.

Kinda' Spooky Halloween Front Porch Ideas Kinda' Spooky Halloween Front Porch Ideas

Our giant tinsel spider is also strung up and angled away from the house with fishing line. Ichabod Crane’s tombstone was stenciled with a white chalk pen, the skeletal arms and black roses was a simple addition that added depth. Simply take a bushel of dollar store roses, spray paint them black with a little red poking through and you have a bouquet that appears to be dying. This is offset by the the animated skeleton ground breaker on the other side of the porch.

 Kinda' Spooky Halloween Front Porch Ideas Kinda' Spooky Halloween Front Porch Ideas

The skull path lights not only light up but blink on and off to a patterned beat. I strung orange twinkle lights on my low bushes to add a bit of holiday nostalgia.

The rat cutouts on the steps are very scary and make you jump when you notice them. To get this look, you could easily print out some clip-art from your computer. Make sure you laminate them to protect from the elements.

Kinda' Spooky Halloween Front Porch Ideas Kinda' Spooky Halloween Front Porch Ideas Kinda' Spooky Halloween Front Porch Ideas

I can’t wait for the neighborhood children to come over on that frightful night. I think they will enjoy our festive porch! Thank you, Home Depot, for challenging me to look outside my norm and channel my creativity!

Have a spookalicious time decorating and I hope you try some of my simple projects this Halloween.

Darnetha Myers is a wife and a mother of three amazingly active kids– a girl and two boys. She loves everything crafty, including sewing, cooking and organizing. She’s a true DIYer who writes about her passions on Chippa Sunshine. She lives in Nashville.