Kids’ Room Organization Solutions That Are Practical and Attractive

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Kids Room Organization Solutions That Are Practical and Attractive

Kids are a big part of Alix Adam’s life. That’s why she’s become a master of kids room organization solutions.

We asked the blogger behind A Ruffled Life to show us some of her practical and attractive kids room organization ideas.

Kids’ Room Organization Ideas

Living with kids is the best part of my life. I’m so lucky to have children, and I really mean that! Having those little kiddos running around all day means that there is always a mess to be made (and a mess to be cleaned up)! Lots of fun and lots of messes is the name of the parenting game.

When it comes to reducing chaos around here, I have found that having a place for everything is the first step to having everything in its place. That is why coming up with creative organization solutions is so important! Plus, I have a propensity for keeping things orderly. A well-used bin makes my heart sing ;).

Here are a few of my favorite kids’ room organization tools!

Wooden Crates

As you can see, a wooden crate is kind of the sexiest of organization solutions. It’s versatile and looks really, really cool in any room. I also have a major love of beautiful children’s books, so a wooden crate filled with easily accessible picture books looks a-maz-ing in my living room. Plus, we read more now. It’s functional and beautiful.

Kids Room Organization With Wooden Crates

Kids Room Organization with Wooden Crates

Children's books stored in a wooden crate

Milk Crates

These plastic milk crates are stackable, durable, and kind of the perfect size for storing kids’ stuff.

I use a couple to store children’s blankets in my nursery because those blankets are way too slippery to fold up nicely on a shelf. In fact, silky kids’ blankets are almost impossible to store without the help of a handy organization bin…enter milk crates!

Kids Room Organization with Milk Crates

Kids Room Organization Using a Milk Crate

Kids Room Organization with Milk Crates

Jumbo Stacking Baskets

These are my sanity savers. These Jumbo Stacking Baskets are the perfect organization solution for all our on-the-go items. These cute little baskets are amazing for shoes, backpacks, coats, helmets, and any other items that need to be easily shed when arriving home. I also love that they keep all our shoes so accessible when we need to run outside for an urgent game of soccer or some intense bubble blowing.

Kids Room Organization with Stacking Baskets

Kids Room Organization with Stacking Baskets

Cube Organizer

I love this cube organization unit for two reasons. First, it is a flawless solution for small toys. Let me tell you there is no quicker way to test your patience than waddling through a floor full of small toys and then accidentally stepping on a Lego. Many muffled four-letter-words have resulted from hurting a foot on a small toy, but now I have a place to put them!

The second reason I love this organizer is because each fabric drawer is small enough and light enough that my kids can take it out of the cubby. Often those cubbies find themselves in our living room where we can play together! 

Kids Room Organization with a Cube Organizer

Kids Room Organization with a Cube Organizer

Children's blocks stored in a cube organizer

Kids Room Organization with a Cube Organizer

Clear Organizing Boxes

Crafting and creating with my children is very important to me. I think it is so important for children to learn how to create something on a blank canvas and for me to foster an appreciation for design.

Keeping the creativity flowing while keeping the craft clutter to a minimum is a challenge for these Rubbermaid clear organizer boxes to tackle! I love that they are large enough to hold a growing collection of art supplies. I also love that they have a little door on the front that can be opened when your crayon bin happens to be at the bottom of the bins.

Kids Room Organization Using Clear Organizing Boxes

Pencils and Crayons Stored in a Clear Organizing Box

Paints and Play Dough Stored in Clear Organizing Boxes

Craft and Art Supplies Stored in Clear Organizing Boxes

A happy mom is a happy home, and nothing makes my heart sing like my children…my children and an organized home (in that order). :)

Kids Room Organization Solutions That Are Practical and Attractive

Kids Room Organization Solutions That Are Practical and Attractive