4 Things You Need for Your Next Camping Trip

Caroline Inge

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Inspiration board with 4 things you need for your camping trip

Outdoor adventures are a summer tradition, whether you prefer a short weekend trip to your state park or you’re heading out on a full-fledged wilderness adventure. Above are a few of our must-have items for your next outing.

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A Coleman Dual LED Lantern is perfect for a group camping trip because the smaller lanterns detach individually, making them perfect if you need to go off on your own. When assembled, this lantern is bright enough to light up a whole room!

These strong and bendable gear ties are incredibly handy. Use them to hang up a lantern near your cook area, tie together cords or ropes when packing up, or hang up your towel to dry!

You’ll likely be building a fire or tending a grill on your camping trip. The Fiskars Kneeling Cushion is a godsend whether you are roasting marshmallows, poking the coals, or just enjoying the warmth.

Finally, a Leatherman 10-in-1 Tool is sure to come in handy. It includes everything from a nail file to scissors to pliers. You will surely get lots of use out of this multi-use tool.

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