DIY Industrial Pipe Pendant Light

Ashley Phipps

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DIY Industrial Pipe Pendant Light

This pipe pendant light can give your kitchen an attractive industrial look. Ashley Phipps of Simply Designing created it by dressing up a regular pendant light with iron pipe from The Home Depot’s plumbing aisle. You can create this pipe pendant light yourself. Just follow Ashley’s step-by-step tutorial.

I have seen some beautiful industrial looking light fixtures and I decided that with a bit of pipe, a touch of creativity and a bit of thought, I could come up with a beautiful and unique industrial pipe light fixture that would fit my kitchen space perfectly in both size and style. And I really just LOVE how my pipe pendant light turned out!

DIY Industrial Pipe Pendant Light

When I went to The Home Depot the other day, I was really excited to find LDR’s line of black pipe materials and Pipe Decor kits! If you haven’t worked with pipe before, snagging one of their kits is a great way to tackle a small pipe project! In fact I really loved the Paper Towel Holder kit so much that I bought one for myself!

LDR also makes a line of individual pieces of ½ in. black pipe that is great for creating with, and I decided to create my pipe pendant light fixture using it.

Cree LED Light Bulbs

I also decided to use Cree’s new LED light bulbs for my light fixture because they provide beautiful light that enhances the color of the room and can save you money.

DIY Industrial Pipe Pendant Light

So let’s talk about my pipe light fixture!  It was easy to create (which means it’s easy for you to recreate) and I just love how it turned out!


Step 1

Installing DIY Industrial Pipe Pendant Light

First I removed my existing recessed light fixture. Then I installed my recessed light converter as per manufacture instructions. This will allow you to place a pendant light where a recessed light fixture previously was.

Step 2

Next, I used Rust-Oleum Antique Pewter to spray paint the cover for the recessed light converter and one of the pendant light fixture top plates so that they would be a similar color to the pipe.

Installing DIY Industrial Pipe Pendant Light

Step 3

After that I put the recessed light converter cover in place, but left the pendant light fixture top plate off. I screwed the flange into the pendant light fixture top plate using two screws.

DIY Industrial Pipe Pendant Light

Step 4

Then I removed all of my LDR Pipe Decor pieces from their boxes, wiped them clean, and laid them out in the design I wanted.

DIY Industrial Pipe Pendant Light

Step 5

Once the pipe pieces were laid out, I fed the electrical wire for each pendant light through the pipe, while simultaneously screwing the pipe pieces together. All of the pendant light electrical wires ended up meeting at the top pipe.

DIY Industrial Pipe Pendant Light

Step 6

Next I fed the wires through the flange and pendant light fixture top plate. I removed the braided wire sleeving from the wires and tied the wires in a knot to keep the wires from slipping back through the pipe.

Before continuing on, you will want to turn off the breaker switch for the circuit you are adding the light to. You want the power for that fixture OFF as you complete the next step.

Step 7

At this point, I needed a second set of hands to hold the light up to the ceiling while we connected the wiring from the light to the wiring from the converter kit.

(Please note that I am not an electrician and you may want to consult with one before attaching your pipe light fixture.  I am sharing what worked for us, but please do your research and consult a professional.)

Step 8

DIY Industrial Pipe Pendant Light

Once the electrical was connected, we used two screws through the two open holes in the flange to attach the fixture to the converter kit mount.

Step 9

DIY Industrial Pipe Pendant Light

Then I placed my Cree lightbulbs in my new pipe light fixture, turned my breaker back on and my beautiful light was ready to be enjoyed!

DIY Industrial Pipe Pendant Light

I really just love how my final light turned out!  It is the perfect size for the space and it creates a statement without overtaking the space. And it adds a beautiful touch, along with additional light to my space.

And if you want to see what the completed Paper Towel Holder looks like, head to my blog and check it out! I am also giving one away on my blog, so head to Simply Designing to check it out and enter to win!

Find materials for this pipe light fixture in our Pipe and Fittings, Lamp Accessories, and our LED Light Bulbs sections at The Home Depot. Follow our Projects Using Pipe board on Pinterest for more pipe fitting projects and ideas.