How to Plant Strawberries

Article Posted By: Home Depot Staff

Strawberries are the quintessential summertime fruit. In this short video Jen and Maureen from The Home Depot How-To Community show you to plant strawberries in a container garden– in this case galvanized buckets. It is an easy planting project with yummy results.

First they make drainage holes in the bottom of their bucket with a cordless drill. After putting the holes in, they add organic potting soil, which will provide the strawberries nutrients for their best growth.

Once the soil is in, you can add your strawberry plants. Look for plants that have white flowers already, as that is where the fruit will be. You could even take some plants from hanging baskets and place them in the bucket. When planting your strawberries, remember to pull their roots apart a little if they were root bound in their original container.

Lastly, consider choosing an everbearing plant that will provide fruit all summer long. Or you can plant a combination of early, mid, and late bearing plants to have a lengthy harvest.

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