How to Make Unique Dipped Terrarium Christmas Ornaments

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How to Make Unique Dipped Terrarium Christmas Ornaments

Typically, at my house, we try to keep the Christmas decorations functional and minimal. So, with that in mind, I found these awesome little glass terrariums at my local Home Depot store and decided to give them more of a seasonal look.

DIY Dipped Terrarium Christmas Ornament Instructions

Materials Needed to Make Terrarium Christmas Ornaments

Step 1

Start by cutting off the string from each air plant terrarium.

Glass Air Plant and Moss Containers

Step 2

Then remove the air plants and moss from each container.

Air Plant and Moss Removed from the Containers

Step 3

Next, fill the holes of the container with paper so that paint will not go on the inside. You can do this by rolling up small pieces of long paper for the two top holes and wadding up larger pieces for the largest hole, toward the bottom.

Preparing the glass containers to be painted

Step 4

Next, tape off a pattern on each of the glass containers. The area that is blocked off with tape will remain clear once spray painted, while the exposed areas will be coated in glitter paint.

Tip: Make sure to press the tape down firmly, along the exposed edge to ensure crisp lines.

Preparing the glass containers to be painted

Step 5

Spray paint each container with Rust-Oleum glitter spray paint, in a well ventilated area, according to instructions on the packaging.

Wait for the spray paint to dry completely before adding a second coat, if necessary.

The glass containers after painting

Step 6

Once the spray paint is completely dry, carefully remove the painter’s tape from each container.

Removing the painter's tape

Step 7

Then remove the paper wrapping from the inside and add the air plants and moss back to each container.

Unique dipped terrarium Christmas ornaments

Step 8

Finally, add a long string or piece of twine to each container, so that they can be hung individually around the house to dress up any reading nook, entryway, etc.

Unique dipped terrarium Christmas ornaments

Learn how to make these unique dipped terrarium Christmas ornaments

These glitter dipped glass containers are now ready to hang.

Here’s how the finished project turned out.

How to Make Unique Dipped Terrarium Christmas Ornaments

Of course, if you’d prefer not to hang these glittery terrariums, skip Step 8, and use them to decorate a table or fireplace mantel.

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