How to Make a DIY Mirror Frame with Moulding

Article Posted By: Home Depot Staff

A beautiful bathroom mirror with a DIY mirror frame

Dress up a mirror with a custom-made frame. Our step-by-step instructions will take you through how to make this DIY mirror frame out of moulding. You can also download the instructions and print them out.

Skill Level: Beginner
Time: 4-6 hours, including paint drying time
Cost: Less than $50

Tools and Materials

Step 1

Measure the length and height of your mirror to determine how large a frame you need.

A woman measures a bathroom mirror preparing to make a DIY mirror frame

Step 2

Select the trim you think best matches your bathroom or interior space. Consider combining multiple types of trim such as chair rail and wainscoting to get a layered look.

Purchase moulding from The Home Depot where an associate can cut it for you for free.

A woman nails pieces of moulding together to create a DIY mirror frame

Step 3

Measure your mirror and materials again to ensure a proper fit.

Select the wood you would like to use on the outer frame. Then measure the wood that you want to be your outer piece.

Mark the wood measurement on the outer edge of the wood.

You want the corners of the moulding to meet at a 45-degree angle, so keep that in mind when you’re marking it.

A woman measures a bathroom mirror in ensure a close fit for a DIY mirror frame

Step 4

Cut a 45-degree angle on the wood using the miter box and saw.

Use the mark you made as the outer part of the cut, then cut inward.

Make the 45-degree cut going the other direction at the other end.

Continue measuring and cutting all four sides.

Cutting the moulding to create a DIY mirror frame

Step 5

After cutting all the wood, use a high-grit sandpaper to soften the edges. Then use wood glue to attach the four pieces together.

Don’t worry if they don’t fit perfectly — you can use paintable caulk to achieve a professional and seamless look.

Assembling the pieces of a DIY mirror frame

Step 6

Prime and paint the mirror frame.

If this mirror is going to be hung in the humid environment of a bathroom, we suggest priming and painting both sides of the wood.

Consider using spray paint to achieve a high-gloss finish, or consider interior paints such as Martha Stewart Living paint in a specialty finish like metallic gold as an alternate way to add a luxe, gilded look to your frame.

A woman paints a DIY mirror frame

Step 7

Arrange the pieces to mount to your mirror frame.

Glue the middle of the back of each strip of moulding.

Install your DIY mirror frame by hanging it onto the mirror.

Hanging a mirror with a DIY mirror frame

Step 8

Fill any small gaps in the corners with caulk.

Once that’s dry, paint it to match.

Closeup showing detail of a DIY mirror frame

Download printable instructions for this DIY mirror frame and get started!

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