How to Make a PVC Flag Pole and Custom Flag for Tailgating

Laura Sullivan

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 PVC flagpole for tailgating

Give your tailgating camp a true mark of distinction—and make sure your friends can find you as they file into the party—with this do-it-yourself PVC flag pole and custom flag. We made a stencil with our very own logo using a simple computer printout. You can get crafty customizing your own tailgating logo—so let your imagination be your guide.

Items needed for a PVC flag pole

Materials you’ll need


PVC cuts to make a flag pole base

PVC cuts

(Your local Home Depot store can help you make these cuts. Just ask an associate.)

  • One 8- to 10-foot piece (or any custom height you would like for your flagpole)
  • One 4-foot piece
  • Six 6-inch pieces
  • Two 13-inch pieces

Make the flag

Cut a printed logo out for a tailgating flag

Print a logo or slogan out on regular printer paper. We used a collegiate looking A for Apron, of course. Enlarge the logo to the correct size for your flag. Cut out the interior of your design. A simple design usually turns out better.

Trace your logo on posterboard

Trace the design on posterboard then cut out the interior again so you have a stencil.

Tape the flag to your stencil

Tape your flag to the posterboard stencil to keep it in place.  Tape any center pieces, such as the center of an “A,” down as well.

A custom tailgating flag pole

Flip the design over and spray paint the flag using your handmade stencil. You may have to hold down the stencil to keep the design crisp (but a little spray around the edges gives it the feel of a stamp, which we think looks cool).

Make the PVC flag pole

A tailgating flag pole base

Assemble the base, using this picture as your guide. You may also use PVC cement for a more secure fit, but we don’t recommend it for the taller portion of the flag, as you’ll likely want to take it apart for transport.

measure the PVC pipe for your tailgating flag pole

Measure your final, dried flag against the 2-foot piece of PVC pipe. Mark the two locations where you’d like to attach the flag to the pole. Centered on the 2-foot piece of PVC is usually best.

Drill holes in the PVC pipe

Drill a hole straight through the PVC pipe the size of the screw hooks.

Attach the flag with an anchor hook

Place the screw hooks through the PVC pipe at the holes. Make a small incision in the flag for the anchor hooks. Loop the anchor hook through the screw hook then attach it to the flag.

A PVC flag pole and custom flag for tailgating

Attach the 2-foot piece with the flag on it to the 4-foot piece, either with a 45-degree coupler or a 90-degree coupler, as is shown. Attach that to the 10-foot piece with the coupler (or use a shorter piece if desired). Place the 10-foot piece of pipe into the “T” connector on the base, turning in 1/2-inch rotations as you push to get a secure fit. You’re flying high now!

Optional: Fill the bottom of the base with sand to make the structure more secure in a windy location. Or just fill some bags with sand and sit them on the base when needed.

And now that you have your PVC flag pole and homemade flag, head to The Home Depot for everything you need for tailgating.

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