How to Make a Living Succulent Wreath

Article Posted By: Home Depot Staff

Living succulent wreath on a front door

Turn a succulent garden into a unique natural wreath. Just follow these step-by-step instructions to create this living succulent wreath. We have downloadable instructions for you to print out, too.

Skill Level: Novice

Time: 2 hours

Cost: Less than $50

Tools and Materials

Step 1

Rehydrate the sphagnum moss by soaking it in warm water for about 20 minutes. Sensitive individuals may want to use a particulate respirator or dust mask when working with dry sphagnum moss.

An orange Home Depot bucket, latex gloves, sphagnum moss and wire used to make a succulent wreath

Step 2

Place the wire wreath frame in the plastic planter saucer to keep your work area clean. Wearing gloves, tightly squeeze out the moisture from the moss before generously molding it into the wreath frame.

Squeezing water from moss used in a succulent wreath project

Step 3

Wrap the moss in place using garden training wire.

Wrapping wire around moss in a succulent wreath project

Step 4

Insert scissors into the moss to create an opening for each succulent.

Creating holes in the moss in a succulent wreath project

Step 5

Roll the roots and soil together then insert a plant into each opening. You might want to unbend some paper clips and use them to help secure each plant in place.

Inserting the plants into a living succulent wreath project

Step 6

Water the wreath by misting or spraying with a water bottle until moist. If the wreath will be staying in the plastic planter saucer, simply add water to the saucer and allow it to be absorbed.

Hang the wreath in a bright location – some morning sun is preferred, but afternoon sun may be too intense for your wreath.

Water the wreath by heavy misting from the back when the moss looks dry.

A living succulent wreath

 Download printable instructions for this living succulent wreath project and get started!

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