How to Make a DIY Ladder Stocking Holder

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How to Make a DIY Ladder Stocking Holder

No Mantel? No Problem!

Of all of the homes we’ve lived in in the last eight years, none of them has had a mantel. That’s totally fine with me about 330 days out of the year, except around the holidays. No mantel to decorate for Christmas? It’s a travesty.

Kidding! But seriously, where do you put the Christmas stockings? I’ve gotten creative over the years with stockings but this one is my best one yet, I think.

How to Make a DIY Ladder Stocking Holder

This DIY ladder stocking holder is the perfect solution for any home that doesn’t have a fireplace. It’s attractive and easy to store away after the holidays (or just hang other decorative items on it for the rest of the year!). I guarantee Santa will approve of this Christmas stocking holder.

Materials for DIY Ladder Stocking Holder

Step 1: Sanding and Staining the Wood 

Wood pieces used to make a DIY ladder Christmas stocking holder

I asked my friends at The Home Depot to cut my 8 ft. board in half, and then I took the 6 ft. board home and cut off three pieces each 16 in. long. Those will be the rungs for the ladder.

Preparing to stain the wood for a DIY stocking holder project

After giving each piece a really good sanding, I wiped them down and then stained them with my favorite Minwax Early American stain.

Note: Pine is a soft wood so you may want to use a wood conditioner first, so the stain doesn’t blotch.

Wood stained for a DIY Christmas stocking holder project

Step 2: Assembling the Ladder

The two longer pieces should be 13 inches apart, allowing for a bit of hang off on both sides for each ladder rung. The rungs should also be placed 13 inches apart. I used a level to get each piece of wood completely straight. I love rustic but not wonky :)

Using wood glue I attached each of the 16-inch pieces of wood to the two longer pieces. I felt secure with just using wood glue for this project since it’s just hanging a few stockings. If you want a more security you can add some wood screws.

Assembling a DIY ladder Christmas stocking holder

Step 3: Adding a Dipped Effect

Since I think the holidays call for a bit of glam, I had to add a little something. I taped off the bottom portion of the ladder and spray painted it so it would look like it was dipped in gold glitter.

Yes! Gold glitter in a can – I love this stuff. I gave the bottom portion of the ladder two coats, and it gave it the perfect blast of glam.

(Of course, if you’re not into glam, you can always keep it plain…)

Using painter's tape to create a dipped effect to a DIY stocking holder

Rust-Oleum Glitter paint used in Christmas stocking holder

Step 4: Adding Hooks 

The final step was to attach the hooks to hang those stockings! You can attach as many as you need! I pre-drilled the holes to make this part easier.Adding hooks to a ladder Christmas stocking holder

Once it’s complete you can hang it on the wall or you can lean it against the wall like I did here!

What a fun alternative to the traditional mantel for stockings, right? Happy Holidays!!

How to Make a DIY Ladder Stocking Holder

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