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How to Macrame a Room Divider by Moorea Seal

Interest in macrame seems to be enjoying a revival these days with more and more people learning how to macrame decorations for their homes. You’ll also see examples of the centuries-old craft showing up in the decor of hip boutiques across the country– including the Seattle shop of jewelry maker Moorea Seal.

Here, she shows us how to macrame a beautiful room divider similar to one that hangs in her store. She says she took inspiration from the ever crafty ladies at A Beautiful Mess. But Moorea added some shine to the design with small pieces of copper pipe, which picks up on the theme of the DIY copper pipe jewelry displays in her store.  

Just follow the steps, and you’ll have your own macrame room divider. 

Supplies Need for This DIY Macrame Room Divider:

How to Macrame a Room Divider: Step 1

Step 1:

  • Cut the rope into 28 200-inch lengths.

Honestly, the hardest part of this DIY is just taking the time to cut all the rope! It took me about two hours to cut all the rope and tape off the ends so they didn’t fray too much while I worked on it. In hindsight, I just wouldn’t have taped off the ends of the rope because you will end up trimming the ends a bit once it’s all finished. You will probably save yourself an hour if you just skip taping off the ends of the rope!

  • Take two pieces of the rope, and drape them over your dowel so that all four ends match up at the bottom. Then tie a tight double knot around the pole with all four pieces of rope.
  • Do the same with all 28 pieces of rope, separating them into groups of 14, and tying them to the wood pole.

How to Macrame a Room Divider: Step 2

Step 2:

Time to start tying!

Above I’ve created a visual representation of how to tie the prettier looking knots that you see in my final photo. I’ll use the colored arrows above as a way to describe how to tie the knots in the description below.

Focus on the first two groups of ropes. Each group has four pieces of rope hanging down. We will focus on two ropes from the first group of rope and two ropes from the second group of ropes as displayed in the first image above.

  • 1. Take one strand from the first group (yellow) and one strand from the second group (yellow), and these will be your interior ropes for the knot.2. Take the other strand from the first group (green) and the other strand from the second group (orange), and loop them into a knot as shown in the second image above.3. Repeat, creating a second loop with the (green) and (orange) around the (yellow) ropes.4. Pull the (green) and (orange) ropes tight on the bottom, and ta-da! You’ve got yourself a beautiful little knot that you can repeat over and over again across the other 12 sets of ropes!

How to Macrame a Room Divider: Step 3

Step 3:

So, as you can see in the image above, there is a lot of knot tying to do! But once you complete one or two, you’ll get into the swing of it really quickly.

1. I first created one row of knots all the way across the row of ropes equalling 13 knots total with two ropes left hanging on both ends.

2. I then created another row of knots all the way across the row of ropes, below the first row of knots. This time I made 14 knots because this second row included the two left over ropes left on each end of the row. All you will do is just use two pieces of rope from 2 separate groups of rope that are next to each other to create the crisscross pattern that you see above.

3. Then, with the third row of knots, I added in copper pipe pieces! To do this, you will just need to cut copper pipe into 13 pieces to the size of your liking. I cut mine into 1½ inch pieces. I also use pretty small clothesline rope so a ½-inch width copper pipe fit over two pieces of rope just perfectly.

4. To add the copper pipe into the knot, what you will first need to do is create a third row of knots. Then slip the copper pipe over the two inner ropes (yellows) that you used in the previous knots. Then create a second knot using the same (green) and (orange) rope below the copper pipe. Pull the ropes tight, and now the copper pipe is nice and snuggly tied in between the knots!

5. Create two more rows of knots below the knots holding the copper pipes in place.

6. Then just tie off the ropes in a regular knot at whatever height you like.

7. Attach your wood pole sockets to the interior walls of where you want to place your macrame curtain (choose whatever height you like). Then just slip the dowel into the pole sockets.

8. Now you can trim the bottoms of all of your ropes to be at the same height.

9. I then just tied a little knot at the bottom of each rope because I liked the pom pom-esque look of the frayed ends at the bottom of each rope. You can do the same or just wrap tape of your choice around the bottom of each rope.

10. I decided to also put a neutral curtain behind the rope curtain so that customers can’t see into our offices.

How to Macrame a Room Divider by Moorea Seal

And that’s how to macrame a room divider.

I love how mine turned out! Though, looking back I might have hunted harder for a thicker rope. Just make sure that with whatever rope you choose, that two strands of the rope can fit through the copper pipe size you chose. Have fun creating your own macrame room divider. And if you feel confident after creating a row or two of knots, try experimenting with your own design or adding more copper pipe to your beautiful utilitarian art piece!

Moorea Seal is a former graphic designer and illustrator who now devotes her time to making jewelry and running her online store and a storefront in Seattle. She writes about design, cool products and living a good life on her blog

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