How to Build an Outdoor Privacy Wall

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Completed Outdoor Privacy Wall project

This stylish divider provides a little privacy on your platform deck while letting the breeze through. We have step-by-step instructions for the DIY outdoor privacy wall project. You can also download printable instructions.

Skill Level: Intermediate

Time: 1-2 hours for one 5 x 8 section, not including time for the stain to dry

Cost: Around $400

Tools and Materials

Before you start, cut the 4 x 4 posts to be 5 feet long with either a reciprocating saw or hand saw. You can also have these posts cut for you at your local Home Depot store.

Shop for the tools and materials needed for this DIY project.

Step 1

Stain all sides of the wood pieces before starting construction. Let them dry according to the stain manufacturer’s instructions.

Staining the slats in an outdoor privacy wall project.

Step 2

Lay the two 4 x 4 posts on the floor of your work area, and use a measuring tape to place them 8 feet apart, measuring from outer edge to outer edge.

Measuring the space for a DIY outdoor privacy wall project

Step 3

Place the E-Z Base brackets on each post. Make sure the post is inserted all the way into the bracket. Do not mount the posts with screws at this point. This will be the bottom of your wall. Use a level and these brackets as a guide to set your first 2 x 2 slat. Attach it with finishing nails. Once the first slat is attached, you can remove the brackets so your wall is lying flat.

Attaching slats to a bracket in a DIY outdoor privacy wall project

Step 4

Starting from the bottom, nail the 2 x 2 slats horizontally onto the posts. Maintain equal spacing between the slats by using a piece of the same 2 x 2 material as a spacer during installation. Repeat the same process on the other side of the wall.

Nailing the slats in a DIY outdoor privacy wall project

Step 5

Return the brackets to the bottom of the wall, with the mounting edges on the front and back of the wall. Mount the brackets to the 4 x 4 posts using the wood screws and impact driver.

Mounting brackets in a DIY outdoor privacy wall project

Step 6

Use the lag screws and impact driver to mount the brackets to your deck. The brackets should be mounted to the deck flooring and decking frame.

And now you have a stylish privacy wall for your deck.

Mounting an outdoor privacy wall to a deck

Download printable instructions for this DIY project and get started!

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