Home Depot Kids Workshop: Load ’N Go Truck

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Home Depot Kids Workshop: Load 'n Go Truck

Erin Spain of the blog DIY on the Cheap got to preview with her boys one of the Home Depot Kids Workshop projects– the Load ’n Go Truck. It was the featured Kids Workshop project at Home Depot stores recently and is typical of the kinds of projects the kids do at these monthly free workshops. Get more information about the free workshop at the end of this article.

As you’ll see, Erin’s boys developed various skills in handling tools and thinking through the steps of the project, plus they had a lot of fun while creating a sense of personal accomplishment.

Home Depot Kids Workshop Preview

If there’s one thing my boys love, it’s creating new things. When they had the opportunity to build the Load ’n Go Truck, they were beyond excited. I’m happy to share a peek at our fun afternoon where they were able to get creative, and they show the skills they used to build these darling little trucks.

As with all the Home Depot Kids Workshop projects, adult supervision was needed, but as you’ll see, the boys did just fine with all the steps without a lot of help. I think they learned a lot, too.

At ages 4 and 7, I was impressed with how well they did on this project without me jumping in to help constantly. There were a few times I had to lend a hand, but for the most part they worked independently and had a great time learning new DIY skills. I was a very proud mama!


They used a sanding block to smooth out the rough edges, and they did a great job of sanding in the direction of the wood grain as I directed them to. They explored a new texture they weren’t used to — the rough gritty texture of the sanding block was very interesting to them!

Using a sanding block to smooth wood in a Home Depot Kids Workshop project


They are used to using school glue for paper crafts and school projects, but wood glue was a whole new ballgame for them! It was a little bit of a messy learning experience, but nothing a little wet paper towel couldn’t fix. It was a challenge for them to dot just a little bit of glue onto the wood. They were a little too liberal with the amount they used, but it turned out OK anyway. Of course, little boys love messes so this part was a lot of fun for them!

Gluing pieces together for a Home Depot Kids Workshop project


One of the boys’ favorite parts of the project involved using the hammer. I was really impressed with their ability to do this on their own.

I was a little nervous turning them loose with a hammer (even though I was right beside them the whole time), but they did great. No fingers were smashed, so I consider it a success.

We only had one nail that went in crooked, but I helped them fix it. I pushed the nails into the holes and got each one started for them, and they hammered them in the rest of the way on their own.

Young boy using a hammer to build a Home Depot Kids Workshop project

Hammering a nail in a Home Depot Kids Workshop project


Aside from using the hammer, my boys absolutely loved painting and customizing the look of their trucks. Both of my boys love painting (and art in general), so I knew that this would be their favorite part.

They chose what colors and brushes they wanted to use, and I created little paint palettes for them on paper plates, and they went to town decorating their vehicles.

Painting toy trucks in a Home Depot Kids Workshop project

Appying Decals

They added the stickers as the finishing touch, and then they stared proudly at the cute little trucks they had built (almost) all by themselves. My younger son was quick to point out how fast they can go, and they had a great time racing them in the garage.

Applying decals to a toy truck in a Home Depot Kids Workshop project

Load ’n Go Truck

The trucks turned out so cute! This project was a great confidence booster for my kids, as they were able to realize their creative potential and build something on their own. It was really special to see how proud they were of themselves afterwards, and how they learned that they were capable of more than they realized. They had the best of both worlds with this project: following instructions and sticking to the build plans, but also getting creative and customizing the look of their trucks so that each one ended up being unique.

My boys had so much fun with this project, and I know your child will too.

Home Depot Kids Workshop: Load 'N Go Truck

The Home Depot’s Kids Workshops are FREE and are held on the first Saturday of every month at every Home Depot store. They start at 9:00 am  and last until about noon. The workshops are great for 5- to 12-year-olds. If your little builder is under 5, you’ll need to provide a little more supervision, but all ages are welcomed.

Go to Home Depot Kids Workshops page online to save a place for your child. You can also get more information, including a description of what project is coming up each month.

Can’t get to the workshop? Many of the projects we do in the Kids Workshops are available in our online Woodshop Projects Department.

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