Holiday Door Decorating Ideas for Your Small Porch

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You don’t have to have a grand veranda to have an impressive Christmas display on your front steps. That’s the message Kelly Marzka has for anyone who’s been neglecting the front door at Christmas time.

Kelly is an intrepid DIYer who writes about fixing up her home at View Along the Way. We were thrilled she agreed to participate in our Holiday Style Challenge. We sent Kelly and several other terrific bloggers each a mystery box of Christmas decorations. We asked them to show us the amazing holiday decorating ideas they came up with.

Kelly’s holiday door decorating ideas are perfect for anyone who feels like his or her front porch just isn’t worthy of Christmas love. She shows us how she took some simple garland, Christmas lights and poinsettias, and turned her home into a holiday showcase. Along the way, she shares some clever tips on making the most from your garland and how to make a unique holiday wreath.

Just like Santa, The Home Depot brought Christmas to our front door this year!

When I heard we were assigned to decorate our front door for the Holiday Style Challenge this year, I was a little skeptical. We don’t have much going on in the way of front porches, or even any overhead awning for shade. Just a tiny stoop. Our front door is Tiny Tim, a Christmas underdog who just wants to celebrate the season despite not having much to offer.

But The Home Depot sent us some fun Christmas-y delight and we got to work dressing up Tiny-Tim-the-front-stoop with garlands and greenery and a DIY monogram wreath.

Here’s how it looks all dressed up for the season:

Holiday Door Decorating Ideas for Your Small Porch, by Kelly Marzka of View Along the Way

I have “a thing” for fresh greenery, can you tell?

It looks beautiful and smells like Christmas to me!

We wrapped the whole front door situation in garland – loads and loads of garland – with these killer lights intertwined. The lights are a warm white, not a harsh blue like some LED lights, and they’re faceted so even when they’re off, they look like tiny crystals embedded in the greenery.

Holiday Door Decorating Ideas for Your Small Porch: Lots of Garland Over the Door

Oh, want to know a secret? That garland is the cheapo, thin, fake garland you can find for a buck or two [NOT Home Depot garland! Our garland is pretty swish, actually. But carry on… -ed.], but we used my favorite free trick for cheap garland to make it look expensive, full and natural.

The Home Depot sent us these beautiful lanterns wrapped in greenery and red glittery ornaments. They look amazing when lit! I love the way they frame the entrance.

Holiday Door Decorating Ideas for Your Small Porch: Potted Lantern Tree

I loved the little pops of red in the lanterns’ greenery, so we brought that out with giant poinsettias and set them in a bed of greenery. It’s not Christmas ’til the poinsettias come out! (Unofficial family rule in this house.)

Holiday Door Decorating Ideas for Your Small Porch: Potted Lantern Trees and Silk Poinsettias

The Home Depot sent us gold ornaments of all different textures, so we popped them around the bottom of our existing spruce pots for a little extra bling!

On the front door, I made a monogrammed wreath. (See how we made the monogrammed wreath – so easy!)

Holiday Door Decorating Ideas for Your Small Porch: Monogram Wreath from View Along the Way

And just like that, Tiny Tim has reason to celebrate this Christmas!

Holiday Door Decorating Ideas for Your Small Porch

Take that, Scrooge!

On her blog A View Along the Way, Kelly Marzka chronicles– in a most entertaining way– the triumphs and occasional set backs in fixing up her “once tragic foreclosure” home. She lives with her husband and two children near Atlanta. See how she decorated her small patio in a Patio Style Challenge here on The Home Depot Blog.  

To decorate her front door for Christmas, Kelly used these items from The Home Depot:

Take a look at all the great Christmas decorations we have at The Home Depot, and get more Christmas decorating ideas on our Holiday Crafts, Ideas, and Inspiration board on Pinterest.

Style Challenge is a series of posts from guest contributors who aim to bring you fresh inspiration and ideas for your home and garden using Home Depot products as a starting point. Kelly received a selection of Christmas decorations from The Home Depot and a gift card to support her project, but The Home Depot provided no cash compensation. The opinions and ideas Kelly expressed are her own.