Holiday Decorating for a Small Living Room

Lauren Kelp

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Holiday Decorating for a Small Living Room

Holiday decorating for a small living room can be a challenge. Lauren Kelp, of the thoughtful living and entertaining site Lauren, knows all about that. But she pulled together a warm and festive Christmas mantel by choosing a few high-impact holiday decorations and arranging them thoughtfully.

She styled her holiday fireplace mantel especially for the Holiday Style Challenge here on The Home Depot Blog, and it’s fabulous.

As you’ll see, too, Lauren likes convenience when she shops for holiday decor.

Holiday Decorating Made Easy

If your house is anything like mine, during the holidays it is filled with scents of fresh pine, red and white stripped everything, and lots of cookie making. What could be happier than that?!

Truthfully, I feel like the holidays have totally snuck up on me this year, and I haven’t had as much time to prepare as I would have liked. We recently just moved into a new house, so our holiday decorations are fighting for attention amongst the boxes, drywall, and general moving mess. Not ideal, but, hey, who cares?

Holiday Decorating for a Small Living Room

This year, because I was seriously strapped for time, I needed to get fabulous holiday decorations that a) wouldn’t break the bank, b) could last us longer than one year, and c) were fabulous while still being cost affective. Guess what…The Home Depot’s holiday department is a dream!

I was there buying drywall and picking out paint samples, minding my own business, and while I was comparing new power washers (my husband’s Christmas gift; shh, don’t tell), I saw some glimmering lights a few aisles over and obviously had to follow.

If you are all about the one-stop holiday shopping, put The The The Home Depot on your list.

I got two adorable four-foot trees that I nestled by the fireplace (but could totally be used on a front porch or in your kid’s room), five golden holiday swags from Martha Stewart’s holiday collection (which is amazing, btw) that I strung together to make a garland, shatterproof ornaments (because, who doesn’t need those?), a fabulous wreath (also from my girl, Martha), not to mention gifts for my husband, dad, father-in-law, and all the drywall materials I needed to convince myself I could actually drywall (the verdict is still out). An hour and a half and I walked out with so many things crossed off my list!

Okay, so let’s talk about the actual set-up, shall we?

Holiday Decorating for a Small Living Room

This year, we are celebrating Christmas in our new little house in Michigan…and it really is just that – a tiny house! We are going to be city dwellers in Chicago during the week and build a lavender farm in a tiny house on the weekends. Sounds a bit crazy, but hey, life is for living, you know?

That being said, we don’t always have a ton of space to work with, so our decorations have to be high impact without making things feel crowded.

The Martha Stewart swag was perfect for a garland for our mantel because you can customize the size. I strung four together and draped them over the mantel to create a really simple garland with high impact. The swag is also perfect for a front door or side areas that don’t call for a wreath – pretty cool, right?

Holiday Decor for a Small Living Room

Those two, four-foot trees were just the thing to make the space come together. I love playing with different heights and levels, so having two trees creates this fun cascading affect that I think is kind of cool. Again, these trees could be perfect to bookend a doorway, main entrance, kid’s room, or outside in the garden or patio if you live in a warmer climate.

Holiday Decor for a Small Living Room

And, let’s talk about that wreath – isn’t it good?! Martha strikes again and because the swag and wreath are from the same collection, everything goes without being super matchy-matchy.

Holiday Decor for a Small Space

Well, what do you think? Between plaster dust, boxed, and the general disarray of moving, we did a pretty good job of making this little house a home for the holidays. You’ve already got so much going on, give yourself a break, be smart, and hit up the holiday aisle at The The Home Depot – you will be absolutely thrilled you did!

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