Here’s How To Be Storage Savvy

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Storage totes and shelves in a craft room

The Crafty Craft Room

When you have larger items or a bulk amount of materials, one easy solution for keeping them organized are with storage totes. Their deep design and snap-on lids let you fill up to 70 quarts of space with whatever you want. If you buy them in different colors, try dedicating each color to certain items or materials for even more precise organization.

The great thing about these storage totes is that you can stack them right on top of each other. Their indented lids prevent totes on top from sliding around. But if you don’t want to stack them, try storing them on a plastic shelving unit. You’ll open up lots of space, plus you’ll have the top shelf to keep smaller items on.

Also seen in This Room

Clever and Colorful Crates

Colorful crates add storage to a trendy bedroom

Bringing more creativity and color to your home or office can serve a larger purpose than just adding style. Try using these stackable baskets to keep shoes, books or stationary in. You can create an entire shelving unit by stacking them high. Or, if you want to keep them low, slide them beneath a table or bed.

Multicolored crates are also a great way to create your own chest of drawers. Store them on a small metal shelving unit to have quick access to your most-used supplies.

Tough Totes for Garages

Tough totes and metal shelves add storage to a garage

Let’s face it, the garage and storage shed are probably the most neglected parts of any home. Luckily, as with most spaces, organization can be easy with a few rugged totesWith 27 gallons of storage capacity, you can clear up lots of room with just one. Add a few more, along with a steel garage shelving unit, and you’ll be able to to access areas you haven’t been able to in years.

You can also keep your shoes, gear or tools in one easy location with stackable bins. Their extra-large carrying handles and weight limit of 100 pounds provide plenty of reasons to use them around your garage.

Also seen in this garage: Rubbermaid FastTrack Multipurpose Kit.

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